Back in the Day-Time Travel Obby

Hello history enthusiasts of Roblox, today I am taking a look at history and taking a look at the Time Travel Obby by blockage, which was part of the first set of new featured games for me to bash review. If you are curious as to why the game is no longer featured, it is because the first week for this new sort is over so new victims games have been selected. Now I’m sure I could make some statement about how I am traveling back in time a month to review this game and it was delayed on purpose, but honestly I was just lazy and didn’t get around to writing a review until now.

One thing I like to do in most reviews is to start off with something positive about a game. I like to, atleast, normally there isn’t anything positive to say about most games. However, today I do have one positive: This cylinder on a torch at the start of the obby is correct.


Happy with my positivity? Good. Now time to get into the negativity. This wooden vendor stand is terrible and whoever made it should feel bad. The supports here all have improper horizontal wood grain, instead of the correct vertical grain going from the ground up to the roof of the stand.


Now, for those of you paying close attention you will also notice that the building in the background has the same issue with not having the proper vertical wood grain. Same with the buildings here, also. However, these crates also have improper wood grain on the top, with the grain not going horizontally across the length of the crates.


Moving on from regular wood, it is time to take a look at a bunch of wooden planks that have bad wood grain. First off were these stairs. In this case, the side most facing the camera should have vertical wood grain so that the gaps between the boards can be seen at the end, instead of going horizontally.


The same is true for these boards on a pier. Again, the ends of the planks should be rotated so that there are gaps in the boards, making it appear as if two pieces of wood are right next to each other.


Next up is a simple case of having horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain, only this time with wooden planks. Much like with regular wood, the vertical supports for this railing should be, vertical, otherwise you are just stacking slim boxes of wood on top of each other.


Next up, this beam in a barn. It just looks odd, and the grain on the bottom and top faces should match the grain on the front/back faces, and stretch across the width of the room.


And that was most of the wood grain in the game. Because it was time period based, most of the wood grain was in the first 2-3 levels, because apparently trees go extinct at some point in the not too distant future, and wood is made obsolete. Still, the wood grain that was in-game was very, very poor. I mean, I tried to get a good outro picture with proper wood grain to end this review on a positive note, but I couldn’t find any and have to end with another example of terrible wood grain.


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