Bad Grain-Cash Grab Simulator

Hello money depleted but Bloxy seat owners of Roblox, WoodReviewer here. Out of money due to spending all of your Robux on a Bloxy seat that will be seen for about half a second during a 2 hour long live stream? Well it is no longer any issue on Roblox as you can now make cash grab games and make the front page the same day. If you don’t believe me, just look at Cash Grab Simulator by Tuning Studios. It is the latest of the recent stream of cash grab games like Jailbreak and Vehicle Simulator that have replace the true classic games of Roblox, such as Escape the Prison Obby for VIP and Drive Down a 100,000,000 Stud Toilet for VIP. As much as those classics will truly be missed, we are in a new era of Roblox and these cash grab simulators have taken hold of the entire front page. So, how is this cash grab simulator?


Well, considering a good 95% of the game is smooth plastic and only one model has wood grain, there aren’t many places for the game to go wrong. Of course, as with most places, even one opportunity is too much for devs to not mess up on wood grain, so how is it here.

Surprisingly, it was correct. Well, it isn’t correct. Every piece of wood grain on these doors is completely incorrect. But it all so incorrect that it is perfectly bad, which means there is no possible way it could actually be meant to be wood and thus is disqualified from being wood, meaning there is not wood in the game.


And that’s the review. The wood grain here was so bad that it went back to being good again. I am sure that the creators of the game were well aware of this unknown little loophole of mine, and this wasn’t just blind luck that they happened to have all the wood grain be incorrect in the game. But whatever the case, the wood grain here is all good, and now it is time to go back to annoying Badcc and Asimo to fix Jailbreak.


There is no escape

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