Keep Digging-Treasure Hunt Simulator

Hello Oak Island truthers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and today I am taking a look at Treasure Hunt Simulator, by HenryDev. This is the third simulator-based review I’ve done in the last couple of weeks, and honestly I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with these games. However why these games exist is not a philosophical question for me to answer, I am just here to answer the objective question of is the wood grain good or not. So, is the wood grain here good?


Well, with such a small island serving as the base for the entire game, there aren’t that many chance for the game to go wrong. I mean, it isn’t like the 2017 Holiday Event where it took several hours to explore the entire game. This is just an island with 2 huts, 3 signs, some torches, and a couple of trees. And the trees weren’t even made of wood, so how much more could go wrong? Well, let’s start at the torches. They start off good at the bottom, with the main post being correct. Even the bottom parts of the torch I’d consider to be acceptable, simply because the size of the parts are so small.


The top prongs of the torch, however, are incorrect. Ignoring the fact that half of the prongs are wooden while the other half are smooth plastic, the wood grain on the wooden prongs are incorrect, with horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


Next up on the island was the huts. The most obvious example if improper wood grain was the counter for the huts. However, it is actually correct with the orientation of the wood being correct. Could the parts themselves be made in a way that makes them appear to be stronger than they actually are? Yes. But the wood grain itself is correct.


But do you know what isn’t correct at all? The door to the huts. The front faces are vertical, yet the side faces are horizontal. I assume the top face of the doors is also incorrect, but I don’t like to glitch games too much to view improper wood grain since that just seems overly harsh for me to do.


However, what isn’t over-glitchy is to look inside the hut at the top of a board that was holding up a fake fish to see that the wood grain on said board was incorrect.


With the huts and torches done, all that was left to review on the island was the signs. In the case of this small tutorial sign, the sign itself was good. The posts for the sign, however, were incorrect, with horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain.


The same was true for the other set of signs, the main signboard was correct, or atleast close enough to being a square that I’ll call it being correct, but the posts holding up the sign were incorrect, all 4 of them. While this is a fairly common issue in games, it is still an issue that should be fixed.


So, how was the game? Did you even read the above review where I bashed wood grain for like 500 or so words? It wasn’t good. It wasn’t quite bad enough to require a 5,000 word, 4 blog post odyssey, but it was still very not good.

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