Big Hunt-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 1

Hello excited egg hunters of Roblox who are probably disappointed and/or relieved that I didn’t use a silly egg pun to start off this review, WoodReviewer here, and it is that time of year again where everyone’s hands smell like eggs and despite the fact you soak them in bleach the smell of day-old eggs just doesn’t go away, the egg hunt. This year it is the 2018 Egg Hunt because it is 2018, and it is by Fifteam, a group of developers who will probably never work again since this was just a one-off event game they made for Roblox but they had to make a group to pay people out and so that the social media team could do some branding for them even though the brand will likely never do anything ever again.

But enough rambling about the futility of trying to build a brand that will dissolve after the current event is completed, how is the wood grain here? Well, it didn’t take me wrong to fix improper wood grain here. Actually, it took me no time at all as the door you walk through when you first spawn in the game has improper wood grain.

Egg Hunt 2018.png

Normally this isn’t that impressive. If I had a dollar for every time I spawned in a game and could see bad wood grain without moving I would spend my entire day just spawning in and out of Asimo’s showcases. The odd part here was that this model was in the game twice, first as seen above, and then the second time after the entire place collapsed. Honestly, with all the bad wood grain that I’ve seen, I’ve never seen the same model have 2 different versions of it that have improper wood grain in different ways.


Next up inside the library is this lamp candle thing, which was designed by someone who both overestimates how hard it is to actually light a candle that is hovering 20 feet in the air, overestimates how unsafe it is to have a candle holder be made out of wood, and underestimates how long a candle actually lasts before needing to be replaced. The bulk of the holder is correct. The problem with it is in on the ends. While the wood grain would be correct if it appeared that the entire outer frame of wood was from one original piece of wood, this seems unlikely given the fact that the wedges on the inside corner are are rotated differently.02.png

Near the candle holder were some small, decorative wooden detailing supports that probably have no actual importance to the structure of the building, but were merely added because the builder needed to add some detail to help make this particular area look less empty.


The problem here is that if you look closely, the supports for the main beam have improper wood grain, with horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


Next up inside of the library were these railings. Now, right here, in this image, the banister and the actual railing itself were both correct. However, if you take a look at the exact same railing that is right behind it on the stair case you will see that the second railing is not correct.


Here, the banisters for all sections of the railing are incorrect. Normally, this wouldn’t be a surprise, but the fact the other sets of railings are correct while this one is incorrect only makes the builders seem like they are lazy.


Last up for the library are the bookcases throughout the library. For this book case, a drawer on the bottom part of the bookcase is incorrect, with vertical instead of horizontal wood grain along the front face.


For other bookcases, the main supports on the side of the shelves have incorrect horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


And that is most of the incorrect wood grain here. No, not in the egg hunt, but just the library. Honestly, after just a quick glance through the worlds of the egg hunt, I honestly don’t know what I am going to do for a blog format. Maybe a quick slide-show of noticeable examples? Maybe just end it here and say that I didn’t even both with the rest of them because I just know the wood grain is bad. Or maybe this will become a 12 part epic series of blog posts. Probably the latter just so I can spam-tag the people on Twitter, but I may just get lazy and end it here.

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