Easterbury Canals Part 2-2018 Egg Hunt Part 6

Hello over-zealous candy lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for what has turned into my longest review ever, both blog count, image count, and word count wise. And after this post, I’ve still only reviewed less than half the game. As much as I do enjoy bashing the 2018 Egg Hunt I do believe that this is just a bit excessive.

The bad wood grain, I mean. That is excessive. These blog posts calling out the improper wood grain are 100% necessary and not at all overkill, no matter how much writing them all is killing my non-existent social life. Today I am continuing my look at Easterbury Canals, continuing where I left off last time by looking at more chairs with improper horizontal wood grain on their legs and back supports. Of course, these chairs are different from the previous sets of chairs I’ve looked at in this map so far, but they still have the same issues as the previous chairs. In addition to the chairs having improper wood grain, the support for the table also has improper wood grain, with horizontal grain instead of vertical wood grain.


Next up inside the same restaurant as the tables and chairs was this counter top. This time, the issue was not that the wood lacked vertical wood grain, but that it had vertical wood grain. The grain for both parts of the counter should stretch from one end of the counter to the other, not go from the front to the back of the counter as it does.


The next issue was right behind the previous counter, and it is yet another counter, that also has improper wood grain. Unlike the previous counter, the counter top here was correct, which makes sense because it is made out of plastic and can’t have improper wood grain. The issue here was the very base of the counter, which was made with wooden planks that were not oriented correctly. The top face of the planks should follow the pattern of the front face and have the planks go across the length of the counter. Or the front face of the planks should be vertical. Or the front face should go vertical. Either fix would fix the wood grain.


The last issue inside of this restaurant was the cutting board. The wood grain here went width-wise on the board. The grain should go length-wise on the board, making it so the grain connects the 2 ends of the board with the most distance between the.


Moving on from the previous restaurant, the next set of issues I saw were at this different restaurant. Surprisingly, despite being built and themed completely different than the first restaurant, it still had the same exact chairs, improper wood grain and all. However, this restaurant also had the added bonus of having some improper wood grain on the window frames, more specifically all of the vertical supports in the window frames had horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain.

22.png Moving back outside but not away from food service places with improper wood grain was this ice cream parlor. The issue here was with the comically over-sized ice cream bar. The issue here was obviously with the stick. For those of you who have never eaten an ice cream bar before, think of it as an over-sized corn dog stick. The grain on the stick  goes from the top of the bar, or corn dog, and out of the bar towards the person’s hand. This over-sized stick does not do that, and would easily snap in half if any over-sized mutant hamsters named Zoey that I am 100% not legally and mostly not morally response for emerged from the canals and tried to eat this fake ice cream bar. further enraging said monster.


Next up was another issue with a food service counter, similar to the one in the first restaurant.  Well, not similar, but exactly the same. The wood grain here should follow the length of the counter, from the end where I am standing at towards the other end.


Moving on from the ice cream factory, the next stop was Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Billy Bonka’s Chocolate Factory. The issue here is that the ends of the wooden planks are not correct. The grain here should be vertical so that the gaps on the top face of the wooden planks match up with the vertical gaps from the end face. There was a second issue here with the support posts for the platform also not having vertical wood grain, which would cause the little dock/bridge thing to easily collapse into the chocolate river below it.


The next issue just outside of the chocolate factory was this small counter that guests to the chocolate factory could use to sit down and eat samples of the chocolate. However, like the other counter tops, the issue here was the wood grain did not stretch across the width of the counter, and instead went from the front to back.


After the chocolate factory, the next area I investigated was a candy store. While no one can exactly accuse me of being a book expert, I am 95% certain that Willy Wonka’s factory also made non-chocolate based candy, so I’m not sure why a second major candy place was needed here. But regardless, the issue here is these fence posts, mainly the side face for them. The front face is 100%, with the correct vertical wood grain. The side face with its horizontal wood grain is incorrect.


The last example of improper wood grain in this food-themed blog post is this water wheel. Yes, I know, not food related, but I need to review another 3 worlds by Wednesday when the egg hunt closes, so I don’t exactly have any time to go back and rewrite any sections to fit this in better. The issue here was the outer edge of this wheel did not have grain that went around the outside of the wheel, but instead across the wheel. This is incorrect, unless it is correct, in which case the sides of the water wheel are incorrect. I know, confusing, luckily Google Images has a bunch of examples of wooden water wheels if you are still confused.


And that is all the improper wood grain in Easterbury Canals. While pure amount wise it wasn’t that bad, one thing to consider is that the streets were full of barrels, chairs, and tables with improper wood grain, along with everything being lined with improper wood grain on the railings. So there is a lot wrong. But still, this is not the worst world in the game.

I mean, considering that Wonderland Grove would come in second alone for most improper wood grain I’ve seen in a game if it was its own game, that isn’t say much. But it is something atleast.


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