Stein’s Lab-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 7

Hello bootleg Mouse Trap players of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take yet another look at the 2018 Egg Hunt by Fifteam. This is my 7th review on the 2018 Egg Hunt, which has so far taken a look at 2 main worlds, the hub world, and now 2 sub worlds. This has been a very long and overly detailed journey, and with the egg hunt ending in 2 days it is sad to think it is over so soon. But worry not; there are still 3 more main worlds, 3 more sub worlds, and 1 more extra world to review. So anywhere between and 10 more posts to come on it. Maybe more. Probably more. Honestly, the though of doing a 14+ part review on one game seems pretty silly to me even now, but oh well, the improper wood grain needs to be called out.

Today I am taking a look at Stein’s Lab, which is a fairly short boss fight but still has several examples of improper wood grain, despite the fact there are only like 3 wooden assets in this entire world. First, lets start off with some good news: This small crate was correct.


However, of the 3 wooden assets, the proper wood grain ends there. The next piece of improper wood grain I saw was this barrel. Like the barrels in Easterbury Canals and Woderland Grove, this barrel had wood that wrapped around the barrel instead of going along with the barrel vertically. Based on how this barrel is exactly the same as the other barrels, I assume this is just a case of reusing another asset. And if this were a one or two part review, I would skip it. But since I’m so far into this that people probably forgot what was in the first part of my reviews, I felt the need to include it.


Next up is another asset that I believe was in another world but I forget if I’ve reviewed that world yet or not so I’m including it here, but it was this other crate. This time a proper shipping crate, not one of those small decorative boxes that randomly end up in the sewer outside of a scientists evil lab. All of the darker boards on this crate were correct; the issue was with the vertical and diagonal supports for the crate. Since the entire crate was one union the vertical supports were not vertical and the diagonal supports were not diagonal, making the crate incorrect. The only way to fix this is either to use a custom texture or separate the union.


And that was all of Stein’s lab. Not much to see really, but this was more in-line with what a sub-world should be. Smaller than the main worlds with a single even taking place in them. And while it was slightly better than most of the other worlds, that is not saying much when the other worlds were worse than most of the EBR showcases that I’ve seen. And those show cases are really not good.

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