Hardboiled City Part 1-Egg Hunt 2018 Part 8

Hello police role-players of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for part 8 of my look at the 2018 Egg Hunt. No link this, as I can see how many times people click on outbound URLs and no one has clicked a single link for the past 3 days despite getting hundreds of views. So go find the egg hunt yourself.

Anyway, today’s featured world in the Egg Hunt is World 3, Hardboiled City. Before I start this review, I want to clarify what Hardboiled City is. Hardboiled city appears to be some type of New York/Chicago-lite place, with tall buildings, dock yards, mobsters, and large hotels. So basically it is a realistic place, not a wacky place like Wonderland grove. The point is it is a realistic place, so it should have realistic wood grain.

The wood grain on this bookshelf is not realistic. The grain should be vertical, going from the bottom of the bookcase to the top. I believe I had similar issues with bookcases in the Library, Merlin’s Swamp, and another world or two. The point being, bookcases are not well done in this years egg hunt. In addition to the bookcase, the small desk in front of me also had several cases of improper wood grain. One was the actual top for the desk, whose wood grain should stretch from one side of the desk to the other, not from the front to the back. In addition, the deck legs were improper. This is also one example of why unions are bad; the union for the chair legs combines both the legs and the lowest horizontal section together, but this means either the horizontal section or the chair legs have improper wood grain. This is also why I dislike auto-wood grain fixing plugins, as they are unable to detect when builders do this with unions.


Moving on from a small corner office with a bookshelf and a desk was this slightly larger office with a large display of guns in it. The first thing I noticed was the improper wooden planks texture on the shotgun. Fist off, no, shotguns should not be made out of the current wooden planks material since it often shows gaps inbetween planks which you never would see on the stock of a gun, and this is before you include the random nails that would sometimes appear on the wooden plank texture. Next, wooden gun stocks should have wood grain that follows the barrel, so the grain goes from the front of the gun towards the back. The grain on the shotgun does not do this, but rather goes vertically. This is just never correct.

But that isn’t where the improper wood grain ends in this picture. The case that holds up the guns also has improper wood grain on the sides. The planks here should go vertically, connecting the bottom ledge of the case to the top of the case. But they don’t, they go horizontally. This is the equivalent of just stacking a bunch of building blocks onto of each other. For those of you who are too young to have played with building blocks in kindergarten, or were banned from playing with them because you constantly got into fights with other students for building with them in a structurally weak way, stacking blocks on top of each other is not an efficient or strong way to build anything.


With that small corner of the office complete, the next issue was like 3 studs away. Literally. I think I just adjusted my camera a bit better because it was such a minor issue that I wanted to make sure I captured it properly. The issue here was with the very small pieces of trim on this yellow chair. The issue here was that the vertical pieces of trim did not have vertical wood grain on them, which is a major deal when dealing with such small pieces of wood. It is highly likely that just walking into this trim would be enough to completely shatter it in real life, and that should be represented here since this is not at all a wacky fantasy world.


And that was all the issues with the police station, aka the building right behind spawn. It did have some more issues since it reused the same basic desk with improper wood grain about a half dozen times, but even I don’t enjoy beating a dead horse that much. Plus I’m already almost to my word quota for this post and nowhere near done with all the improper wood grain in Hardboiled City. The next issue I saw was with the all too familiar crates that seems to have been reused throughout about half the maps as genuine filler material for empty area. And here that same crate is again, still with the improper vertical wood grain it always had.


In addition to the reused crates, the same improper barrels also found their way into Hardboiled City. Much like all of the other barrels, these barrels have wood grain that wrap around the barrels instead of going up the barrels. And again, the bands around the barrels are still made out of wood instead of a proper material, like plastic of metal.


But enough with the old reused assets, lets move onto a fresh set of assets that we will be seeing throughout this level. First off, this telephone pole is the first example of some new octagonal improper wood grain tech. Or decagonal. Honestly I didn’t count the number of sides properly, but the point is it is not a cylinder but still has improper wood grain. I am not sure why this was done, especially basically all telephone poles are, well, poles, but this pole lacks one thing: Proper wood grain. Instead of the correct vertical wood grain that Roblox has on cylinders by default, this thing has horizontal wood grain that will easily snap if one of the half dozen or so cars lodged inside of buildings around the city hit it. While this is better for the driver, it is not good for people who live near by using Roblox studio who haven’t saved in a while.


The next issue I cam across in the city was the good-old improper end grain on wooden planks. This is a very common issue throughout the many worlds of this years egg hunt, and it is even seen a few times throughout Hardboiled City. The issue here is the ends of the planks should have vertical wood grain so that the gaps in the planks on the ends batch the gaps on the planks on the top and vertical faces. This is a small detail, but it does make it seem like the builder actually cares about what they are doing instead of just trying to make a quick filler object.


Speaking of filler objects, the roofs of the city did have a filler object in these large water towers on top of the buildings. One thing you need to understand about these water towers is that they are basically giant barrels, so the same rules that apply to barrels applies to these towers. That does that mean? Well, first it means that the wood grain for the sides of the barrels should be vertical. This tower does not have that, so just like the small barrels down on the streets, it has improper wood grain. However, it does have one small advantage in the fact it has metal bands on it. It is a small victory, but with how much stuff is wrong in this game, it needs as many small victories as it can get.


The last issue for today’s post is a return to the true mascot of this egg hunt, improperly build bookshelves. This time they are inside a closed book store so it is a bit harder to see, but they have the same issue all the other bookshelves have: horizontal wood grain on the vertical supports instead of the correct vertical wood grain. A small issue to fix, but still an important once since the improper wood grain on these shelves will cause them to collapse onto innocent people inside the stores. And crushing people with knowledge is not good for business.


And that is it for this part of Hardboiled City. This small part of Hardboiled city. Much like the previous main worlds, it is unlikely this will be the last blog post on this world. And, truthfully, it is unlikely the next post will be either. Yup, this unwacky world has even more improper wood grain than either of the previous worlds, and will require 3 blog posts to cover fully. And to think, this single blog post alone already covers more improper wood grain than last years EBR egg hunt.


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