Very Scary-Hallow’s Eve: Sinister Swamp

Hello underage candy beggars of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, today taking a look at the lobby for the 2018 Halloween event place hub event thingy, Sinister Swamp by Beeism, TheShipArchitec, FutureWebsiteOwner, awesxome3, and Aotruo.

Seeing as this is just a small hub world for the various other games in the event, I initially did not have much hope for it. Not in terms of having proper wood grain, no, that hope was long gone. But my hope was that this review would be a bit shorter since everytime I do a review featuring Beeism I can see the storage limit I have on this site move a considerable amount, and I was hoping that this review would not be the size of a short novel by the time it was done. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It is closer to two short novels.

Because of that, I have decided to do a short abridged review of this game, in which I state the problem with the wood grain and then post all the examples where it occurs, but despite that this will still be a fairly long review. So with that out of the way, lets start with the first issues,


Yes, the most common example of improper wood grain, for all of these examples the piece of wood in question is vertically, or mostly vertically, holding up some mass, but the wood grain isn’t going from the base of the wood to the top, but rather wrapping around the wood. One of the most obvious examples of this is on the supports behind the fake Hollywood western set pieces scattered across the map.


Next up on this trail of improper vertical wood grain is this lamp post, which I am fairly certain is from the 2017 Holiday Event place, or atleast one part of that review since GollyGreg and Beeism were involved in that saga.


Next up were these giant wooden pillars that were in the ghost car ride thing. Nothing else to add here.


After that were these pillars on the front of the western Hollywood prop things. In this case, the lighter wood here was completely wrong, while the darker wood was slightly more correct: Atleast on the sides. The front facing face was incorrect.


Next on the list was this ladder. Again, the side supports are incorrect, while the middle sections are correct in this case. Don’t let the fact that the ladder is made out of wooden planks distract you, the same rules still apply here that they do for regular wood.


Only a few more examples of bad vertical wood grain left. First of these are these fence posts.


And then this lantern holder.


And the supports on this small cart.


Plus the wheels are improper, but that is for another day

And the entirety of this door.


And this other pillar that is made out of terrain wood, but still counts as wood.


And the supports for the roof for this well.


Ok, I seriously did not plan this review properly but at this point there is just too much improper wood grain for me to come up with better transitions.


And last on this part of the review is this catapult, which aside for it not being the superior siege engine, has a ton of improper wood grain on it.


And that is all of the regular improper wood grain. Well, besides for this one last example.


But now, that is all the regular improper wood grain. So now time for part 2 of this review,

Wooden Planks End

Yup, while not the most obvious example of improper wood grain, wooden planks not having their end grain line up with the other sides is a small but very noticeable issue once you start having a 9 year obsession with finding improper wood grain. So just as an example, this sign somehow has the correct grain, with the lines on the slanted side mostly matching the lines on the front/back face. Of course since the arrow is angled they won’t exactly match, but it is better than


this absolute piece of trash table, where the planks end grain does not at all match the top face of the planks. And where the supports have improper wood grain.


Next up in this section are these wooden planks on a bridge with the ends again not matching, and again with a special visit from improper vertical grain on the hand rail.


Next up, the fruit holders on this cart.


The last example in this segment are these stairs.


Wait, not really, the true last example of bad end grain is on the cart ride.


No, just joking, the real last example is on this window, which does have bigger problems since I can actually see the end grain on this window, but not any other other windows in the world.


And that was all the examples of improper wood grain in this years Halloween Event place. Well, not really, there are more, like these chairs.


And this archway.


Both of which were on the haunted mansion ride, but that thing takes like 5 minutes to complete and with all the other examples I already used I didn’t feel the need to include these two hard to get pictures in anything other than passing. So, how was the wood grain overall?

Really? There are 20+ examples of bad wood grain here. Form your own opion.


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