Hardboiled City Part 2-2018 Egg Hunt Part 9

Hello egg hunt experts who stumbled accross this review thinking that it was an actual guide to the egg hunt but are now disappointed that this is just a short novels worth of words rambling about how much the builders of the 2018 Egg Hunt suck at using wood grain properly and are now both equally confused and curious if this is just a massive joke or a cry for help, WoodReviewer here again, again taking a look at the 2018 Egg Hunt, and again taking look at the third world in the game, Hardboiled City. While for most reviews getting to the ninth part of a review should require some serious padding onto the reviews, to the point where to get to 9 parts my review of the 2016 Egg Hunt would require 5 blog posts with one example of improper wood grain per post, and 4 purely text filler posts, this years egg hunt has been more than capable of provide a ton of content highlighting the low-quality of the wood grain.

So, what exciting example of improper wood grain will this post start out with? These chairs. I believe they are either very similar, or of the dame design, as some of the chairs in Eastarbuy Canals. If they aren’t, then they still have the same improper horizontal wood grain on the vertical supports for the back of the chair and the chair legs. And even if they are the same chairs, they are still improper.


The next issue that I noticed in Hardboiled City was this door. It may be hard to tell from this angle, but the door is taller than it is wide, which makes sense because most doors work like that. As such, the wood grain on the door should be vertical, not horizontal, as it is here. Again, this is true for a vast majority of doors, the only true exceptions being doors with a bunch of cut outs of doors made out of wooden planks.


Moving on from the initial down town area of the world, the next area of Hardboiled City I took a look at was the docks. This area started with the large totally not mafia mafia warehouse. The issue here was with this large wooden boxes that I assume are suppose to be stand ins for metal storage containers but the game creators didn’t realize that there were no wooden storage containers before the metal ones came along, and the crates used before metal storage containers were a lot smaller and non-uniform in size. In addition to looking silly, the vertical supports for all of the boxes was incorrect, with horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


Next up, also inside the warehouse, were these small shelf things. The first thing I notice don the shelves were the same barrels and crates that were hiding throughout most of the other maps in the game. However, I could probably do a 100 part review on just the example of crates and barrels throughout the egg hunt. The original issue here is on the shelves themselves, which have improper wood grain not stretching between the edges of the racks. As you can see from the image, this has already negatively impacted the shelving as some of the shelves have collapsed from the improper wood grain, with more to follow suit soon. Probably.


Moving outside the warehouse, the next issue in the docks was with some walls that were going up inside of a new building. The issue for these newly added 2x4s is that they don’t have vertical wood grain on all of their faces, but only some. While this wall is not a load bearing wall and won’t cause the building to collapse, it will still be more structurally deficient than a normal wall would be.


The next issue was a smaller issue inside of the garbage factory. The issue here is that the front/back faces of the signs have vertical wood grain, yet they are sticking out from the wall. Unlike most issues with wooden planks, the end grain, in this case, the bottom is correct; the side faces need to change to be correct.

And then once the side faces change, the new end grain needs to be fixed, but that is a future issue.


The next issue at the docks was the, well, docks. I couldn’t tell what exactly where were due to the distortion of the water, but I believe these were the same cylinder/not cylinder meshes from the previous blog post, which is silly since default cylinders have proper wood grain like 95% of the time out of the box, while these meshes do not. In either case, these supports should have vertical wood grain.


The next issue at the docks was again with the docks. This time with the end grain on the planks that made up the docks. If I recall correctly, this issue is on all of the docks, but I just have it featured again because in this image my camera isn’t halfway under water. Again, same issue as with most wooden planks in the egg hunt, the face closest to the camera should have vertical wood grain so that the gaps on the end match the gaps on the tops of the planks.


Moving away from the dock area in the docks, the final issue I saw was in this little hut thing, probably either newsstand or a food stand. The first issue I noticed was with the main wooden planks part blocking the window of the stall. Again, the end grain here was not correct, but that isn’t exactly a new issue, is it? Next up, the planks acting as the trim around the window were incorrect with horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain.


And that finished up the docks. Yes, this blog post is a bit on the short side, but it is still longer than the average post on entire games that I usually do. But don’t worry, this post is just a bit short so next time I can focus entirely on the last area of this world in this game, the theater/hotel. And I’m sure the lack of length in this post will more than be made up for tomorrow.


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