Hardboiled City Part 3-2018 Egg Hunt Part 10

Hello Fifteam. Its me, WoodReviewer. Did you think I was done with you yet? Sure, this may be part 10 of this egg hunt review, but it is not over. No, it is not anywhere near being over. Ever since the rumors of last years egg hunt being the last custom made egg hunt, I stopped making more reviews. Because I knew that with the next egg hunt I wouldn’t have that much to review, so I saved some more for you guys. So with that in mind, sit back and enjoy part 10 of my look at the 2018 Egg Hunt. And before you ask, no, this is not the final part.

The first new issue I saw was on this sign above the theater with wooden planks. For now, I’m going to ignore the vertical supports on the sides of the wooden panels, since it can be aregued the panels are attached to the front of the planks. I’ll even ignore the wooden panels themselves for not having the correct vertical wood grain since they are a bit taller than they are wide, and just focus on the top face of the wooden planks. Not just the sign panels, but the large wooden beams below them. They all have horizontal wood grain, yet the wood grain on the top face goes from the front to the back of the wood. The top face should follow the front faces and also go horizontally so the wooden planks look like, well, planks.


The next issue in the world also involved the theater, but this time it was the inside of the theater that had the issue. Well, issues. The first of the issues were on the banisters for the railings at the back of the theater. Instead of having vertical wood grain, they had horizontal wood grain, which is incorrect.

The next issue inside the theater was in the same area as the railings, and by that I mean it is the railings. As in the actual hand-holding part of the railings. Instead of following the front/back faces of the railing with the correct horizontal wood grain, the top face of the railing has wood grain that goes from the front to the back of the railing. This issue is also on the bottom part of the railing that holds up the banisters, but is not as noticeable since it isn’t at head level.


Moving like 5 studs away from the railing was the next example of improper wood grain in the theater, these wooden columns. Now, the majority of the column was correct, and by majority I mean the main cylinder part of the column. The issues on the column are with the parts that jut out from the column. They should have the same vertical wood grain as the main part of the column, but they don’t, instead having improper horizontal wood grain.


Moving onto a slightly different part of the theater, the next issue I came across was the improper upper molding on the front of the stage. Much like the planks outside and the railing, the front face of the trim with horizontal wood grain was 100% correct. The issue is that instead of having horizontal wood grain, the top face has wood grain going from the front to back of itself, relative to the stage atleast.


Moving on from the inside of the theater, back to the outside of the theater, was the ticket stand that sold tickets for a theater. The issue here was with the hexagonal supports for the roof of the ticket stand. Now, if you are wondering why that specific part looks familiar, it is because it appears to be the same part that was used on their piers for their supports and for telephone poles throughout the rest of the map. And since it was not correct in those locations, and it was unchanged when used here, it is also incorrect here.


Finally moving on from the theater, the next issue I saw was on the window frames of the buildings right next to the theater. I mean, I didn’t have to go far, but atleast I had to travel some distance to find this. The issue on this windows is that the vertical supports on the sides don’t have vertical wood grain.


Leaving the outdoor part of the map for the last area in Hardboiled City, the hotel, was this little stand that I honestly have no idea what purpose it serves. Maybe it was for valet parking, maybe it was for newspapers, I don’t know. Anyway, it had the classic issue with wooden planks that many people ignore with the wooden plank gaps not showing between the boards, with the inside of the window being improper.


Next up before we enter the final part of this sub world is this small mob cave. The issue here is with this table, which should have wood grain going across the length of the table, not across the width of the table. With the current orientation of the grain, the table will easily crack under any weight.

And now all the is left for Hardboiled city is the hotel itself. But it will not be in this review, oh no. You see, the hotel itself is capable of being its entirely own review, which will be released eventually. Will that be today? Or tomorrow? Maybe I’ll save it for next year. Or maybe it will be my Christmas special. Who knows. I don’t know yet. But all I can say is that the fun and games are not done yet. Not by a long shot.

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