Rudimentary- Strobe III

Hello keyboard purists of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and I am back after an unfortunate accident with a large cat, a hammer, a second smaller hammer, a third large hammer, and a metal ruler that somehow left me completely unharmed. But it broke of the “P” key on my keyboard. And after several long months of dealing with a broken keyboard I have finally gone and invested in something to fix my problem as someone that uses their keyboard for 10+ hours a day, a bottle of super glue to glue my P key back in place.

Now if you are still here after that tech support gore, I’m sure you are interested in what game I decided to start my comeback with. Will it be my long teased review of 2016’s best tycoon, Retail Tycoon? A review of Jailbreak before it fully fades into obscurity? Or another one of my annual looks at Work at a Pizza Place. Well, it was none of those places, but rather a look at last month’s hottest FPS shooter, Strobe III by Team Rudimentality. Now if you have never hear of Team Rudimentality, that is fairly common as until recently they were know mostly for never actually finishing games. However, members of Team Rudimentality have made dozens, and I mean dozens, of games on Roblox, included by not limited to Siege of Quebec, Cannoneers, Be an Egg and be Hunted, Strobe, Siege of Montreal, Junkland, Feed Your Pets, Island, Island II, Island III, Mount of the Gods, Water on Mars, Place Roulette, Super Place Roulette, Siege of Moscow, Chess, Brick Battle Royale, Ignoble, Plastic Pirates, farn, Conquer the World, and Testing. Now while this list is incomplete since Team Rudimentality is kind of all over the place in terms of what is an official game and what exactly is a side project, but I erred on the side of adding too many games to this list for comical purposes.

So, how exactly is Strobe III? Well let us start with our old friend, Mr Crate.

Well, Mr Crate is not made well at all, so this is not off to a good start at all. This example of bad wood grain comes from the Argentina map. The issue with these crates is that the wood grain should follow the length of the sides of the crate, so for the piece of wood directly under my cross hair the wood grain should go horizontal, not vertical. And from the piece of wood infront of my gun it should go from the end of the crate to the back, not from the side to the other side.

I think that make sense. I am really out of practice on this, and my ramblings barely made sense before.

Anyway, moving onto something that I can more easily describe, the next issue I saw was again on the Argentine map, and in this case it was with the wooden planks on this scaffolding. Here, the end grain of the planks should be vertical to match the lines on the top/bottom of the floor of the scaffolding. This will give the illusion that that the single piece of wood is actual multiple pieces without, you know, using multiple parts.

The next example of improper wood grain comes from the Dubai map. In this case, some more scaffolding with wooden planks with the end textures having the textures being horizontal instead of vertical.

And then, for the last example of improper wood grain from Strobe III was this small wooden bridge, also on Dubai. Here is is just a simple case of improper wood grain, with the grain going across the bridge, not along the length of the bridge, stretching from one side of the gap to the other side. A simple fix, and one that should not be missed.

So, how was the game overall? Pretty bad. Out of the five or six maps, only two had wood grain as best as I can tell, and that wasn’t from a lack of trying, just from everyone picking the Jungle Gym map every single round. But with so little wood grain, there is even less of an excuse to not fix what is broken, and this is before I go into the texture clipping in Argentina.

I mean, just look at this.

Oh wait, my bad, that’s not the texture clipping image, that’s the gap in the floor image. Oh well, maybe Strobe IV will be good.

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