Year 4-Work at a Pizza Place

Hello there pepperoni lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here for my fourth annual look at Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1. Yup, the classic Pizza Place, a game that is nearly a decade old by this point and has probably made Dued1 enough money to easily live on for the better part of half a decade. A simple game that has remained basically unchanged over the course of its entire existence, but at the same time has had every single part of it updated in some way, shape, or form, or if not atleast looked it to see what needs to be change. Surely if one game on Roblox should have proper wood grain, it should be this one. It has to be this one. There is no other game that should most definitely have proper wood grain as this one.





Right. So it doesn’t have proper wood grain. Oh well, nice try, be sure to come back here next year for attempt number 5.

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