Rererereview-Work at a Pizza Place

Hello there pizza lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here, and I am back once again to take yet another look at Work at a Pizza Place, by Dued1. For those long time readers who are still around for some reason, you may remember my original review of Pizza Place back in 2016, along with my follow up reviews in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Seeing as it has been nearly 2 years since my last look at Pizza Place and that all the stuff that has happened in those last 2 years is mostly over, I felt like it was a good time to resume my annual Pizza Place review, to see if after nearly a decade of being a game and 6 years since my initial review if the wood grain would finally be fixed. So, has it?

Of course not. So, lets start with the basics here again, first with the center support for the table. It should have vertical wood grain, with the grain going from the bottom of the support up to the top. Additionally the grain on the supports on the bottom should radiate out from the center of the support, instead of going around it.

Next up is more of the same with regards to the table, but some more improper wood grain on the vertical pieces of the chair, just like how it has been for the last 6 plus years.

Continuing on through the restaurant is some more rehashed bad wood grain from previous reviews, with the door and counter having improper wood grain. The reason why they are improper is because the wood grain should go along the long length of the wood, so for the door that would be from top to bottom, and for the counter it should go side to side, relative to my avatar.

The next major issue Pizza Place has also has to do with more improper support legs. First was on the table legs that hold this gift things that are too new for me to care about.

Next is some more improper table legs on the table that you use to assemble the pizzas.

And then some more improper wood grain on the supports for the chair in the office.

And some more bad wood grain on the supports for the pier.

And on the post for this mailbox.

And on these fence posts.

And, well, that is most of the game. Sorry if it seemed a bit off, but about halfway through making it I realized all the bad wood grain was A. Bad vertical supports and B. All the same as previous reviews. I mean, I could probably find more if I went through all the furniture and house stuff, but that will be a job for next years review. Hopefully by then it these issues will be addressed, but after the last 6 years I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

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