A Ride-Theme Park Blox World

Lets just ignore the wall that has improper wood grain for a second and just look at the doorway itself. The wood grain here should be vertical, going from the floor to the roof. But it is not, so it looks bad.

The next issue I noticed was still just past the main gate were the backing wooden plank supports for this sign advertising an event in-game. These are just all wrong everywhere, with nothing else to say.

With the main area of the park done, the next place to look in a ride-based theme park was the rides themselves, starting with this pirate ship ride. The issue here is simple; the wooden supports for the fake dock had improper wood grain.

And as for the pirate ship itself, the ships mask also had improper wood grain.

Skipping over the other 9/10ths of the park with no wood grain in it, the last part of the map to look is the western area. And as with most western areas, that means wood grain, or like in this case bad wood grain, like on the vertical supports for these windows.

And these floorboards inside the same empty building.

The next issue inside the western area was this other random empty building, with the pillars on the front of the building this time.

Continuing on, here is some more bad wood grain on some random building, but I don’t care bout it that much. Why? Because I wasn’t here for that.

I was here for the wooden coasters.

Or in this case the RMC hybrid ripoff that just features the RMC I-Box track without any of the signature Alan Schilke elements. But just like every other wooden coaster on Roblox, the supports are always wrong. Need more evidence, look here also.

Yup, those supports are awful.

And that is it for the game really. It isn’t good. The wood grain is terrible, and can easily be fixed. Not sure what else to add.

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