Timberbreaker- Tree Top Theme Park

Hello there theme park enthusiasts of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to took a look at another ancient genre of Roblox games, theme park games, today looking at Tree Tops Theme Park by Starfish Game Studios. Theme park games on Roblox have a surprisingly long history, from JJ5x5’s Thrillville Parks that basically killed people for YouTube videos to Django136’s original coaster which was basically a conveyor belt that flung people at high speeds through loops, to Muscle_God’s Six Flags park with completely vertical hills, to ICE128’s more modern realistic coasters, and finally to Starmarin614’s Roblox Point, which marked the first true modern Roblox theme park. Along with the dedicated coaster builders other Roblox legends like Are92, Stravant, and even my second favorite punching bag Asimo3089 have thrown their hat into the ring at one point making a coaster or park, so with such a long history as to parks predating wood grain being added to Roblox by nearly a year and a half, how does Tree Tops Park do with it?

Well, not very good.

The most obvious example of bad wood grain I saw while entering the park was on this fence line. Or rather, all the fence lines. The issues here are that the backer rails on the fence have vertical wood grain, going from top to bottom rather than side to side, while the fence pickets have the opposite issue with wood grain going from side to side, rather the top to bottom.

This same issue can be seen on the railing fences around the park, with the major difference that the wood grain on the front faces of the railings here is correct, with just the top and bottom of the railings having bad wood grain.

Continuing on from just fences, another example of bad wood grain in the main areas of the park are the picnic tables scattered throughout the dining areas of the park. The seat and the table top of the benches are OK, but the diagonal supports are what is improper. Here the problem is that the wood grain should follow the diagonal direction of the support, not be perfectly horizontal.

Bonus bad fencing

Moving on from random park assets and more towards the actual meat of the park, the pirate ship has improper wood grain along the front part of the seats. The wood grain should go across the width of the ship, not front to back.

More bonus bad fencing

Another ride with bad wood grain was the log flume. Here the building has bad wood grain, with a vertical wooden plank texture added to the outside of the building. The only issue is that the wood grain direction on the building is horizontal, so there is a crisscrossing pattern of lines here that just looks ugly, nevermind how strong it is.

Even more bonus bad fencing

The next attraction I looked at on my journey through the park was the haunted house dark ride. This ride could probably have its own review, however I will go easy on it because honesty it was a pain to try and get good screenshots of the bad wood grain between how quickly the ride passes through the course, the darkness of the screen, and the overall pain it is to get screenshots while seated in a ride vehicle. Regardless I did manage to capture a few of the examples of bad wood grain on the dark ride, such as this vertical support that has horizontal wood grain.

Even more bonus bad fencing (2)

The next part of the dark ride that had fairly obvious bad wood grain were these coffin covers, which should have wood grain going from the feet to the head of the coffin, but instead have the grain going from one shoulder to the other.

Next up is my good friend wooden crates. I’m not sure how many times I’ve featured wooden crates in my reviews, but I probably should go through my old reviews and start tagging them properly so I can keep count. Anyway, the wood grain on the boards in front is vertical, while it should go from one side to the other.

But that is enough of the appetizers, it is time for the main course of this review, the main reason why I know every theme park on Roblox has plenty of content for a full review, the new wooden roller coaster here, Momentum.

And first off, wow, what is even going on with the wooden plank roof supports. The diagonal supports have vertical grain and the vertical supports have horizontal grain, and more than anything it just looks terrible. Like normal bad wood grain I can kind of see not understanding how it can look bad, but this just looks truly horrendous.

Even more bonus bad fencing (2)(II)

But what about the coaster itself, does it have proper wood grain? Well, no. The first problem here is that the wooden track stack has improper wood grain on the top face, with the grain going from one side of the track to the other rather than following the direction of the coaster, as it should.

The next problem lies with the support structure of the coaster. Here, some of the vertical supports have improper wood grain, and as also seen above, some of the horizontal braces also have improper wood grain. The difficult thing here is that some vertical and horizontal segments are correct, while others are incorrect, so without a stupid red circle it is difficult to show exactly what is good and what is bad.

Hopefully this next picture helps shows the issues with the horizontal braces better, but the vertical braces are difficult to show due to camera restrictions in the game.

Even more bonus bad fencing (2)(II) Coaster Edition

So, how does the wood grain in Tree Tops Park stack up to older coaster games on Roblox? I mean, it isn’t much worse, but remember that Asimo made an old wooden coaster, so the bad for what is good and what is bad is basically at rock bottom, and even with that low bar Tree Tops Park just barely managed to pass it. But just because it is better than the old classics, that doesn’t mean it is good, and unlike some of the old coasters that were made by manually entering C-Frame values to position individual pieces of track, building tools have advanced a ton since them. Hopefully one day coasters will demonstrate and equal improvement.

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