Sideways- WRC Roblox Rally

Hello there rally enjoyers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here with my first proper look at a racing game on Roblox, WRC Roblox Rally by Screenslicer2. Racing games on Roblox tend to be hard to review for several reasons, either because of some restricted camera settings while you are sitting in a car, the fact the cars tend to be limited to the track and blocked off from the scenery, the short nature of races during which you can review wood grain, or the fact most racing games are pretty bareboned in their design. Luckily for me, WRC is a time-trail game that lets you walk around the map, so I have free reign to show you all the bad wood grain.

One of the first examples of the bad wood grain was on the Finland stage, which has several of the signs pointing you in the correct direction. The sign posts on these signs have bad wood grain.

Next up in the same stage are these fences. The main fence spans are correct, however the fence posts themselves are incorrect.

Moving onto the Monza stage, which was a disappointment due to the lack of banking, were more bad fence posts. Or rather wooden barriers, since they weren’t connected to each other but, but what exactly they are doesn’t matter. All that matters is that these posts once again have bad wood grain.

Continuing on with the general theme of bad wooden posts in maps, the wales map had yet another wooden fence post with bad wood grain, although this time the top face of the wooden fence itself also has bad wood grain.

Moving on from bad wooden fence posts we move onto bad wooden doorways, with the doorway in this barn on the Norway stage having bad wood grain.

The last stage I saw that had bad wood grain is the Belgium stage, which in addition to being the newest stage, it also had the most bad wood grain as well. The most noticeable issues were in the houses around the track. All the vertical wooden parts here have improper wood grain, not just with the windows but also the wooden frame of the house.

And that continued down to the ground floor’s supports and windows also.

So overall, not very good. Granted it was nice to see a racing game that was a bit more than a random ribbon of dirt in the sky, but it would be nice if the scenery here was better, and not full of a ton of bad wood grain everywhere.

1 thought on “Sideways- WRC Roblox Rally

  1. Screenslicer

    Hello, Screenslicer here. I clearly dropped the ball on this one, thank you for letting me understand the need of good wood grain. 🙂



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