Splashy Splashy- Waterpark

Hello there fellow classic game lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a classic game I found the other day that for some reason still has a surprisingly large player count, Waterpark by Bricktronic. This is a classic game from the 2012-2014 era of Roblox that is from a simpler time, where you could get to the front page with a group of 4-5 friends getting up at 6 AM before the rest of the Americans woke up to play a game could help catapult the game to the front page for the day before everyone went to sleep that night causing the game to be forgotten by all but a few people for the rest of time. However, despite its age Waterpark still seems to be sitting at a consistent 600-700 players despite looking like it was ripped straight out of the past. So, if it continues to have stood the test of time to the players, has it stood the test of time to me since I last played it nearly a decade ago?


The first issue I noticed was on the roof above the spawn area at the main slide complex. The front and back sides have a support along the edges of the roof that has the wood grain go from the front of the roof to the back, instead of following the length of the wood from one side of the roof to the other.

And really, I think that is all the wood bad wood grain from the truly original part of the game. However, I believe sometime also in 2012 a secondary jungle portion of the map was added, and being a jungle most of the buildings are made of wood. And can you guess what that means?

If you guessed improper wood grain on a staircase you are correct. All of the staircases on this part of the map have improper wood grain in several areas, from the supports to the railings, to the railings, to the steps, to the supports for the stairs. Ok, I guess that is just the entirety of all of the staircases, but the odd part is not all faces of the wood have improper wood grain. For the steps, for example, the front face of the step is correct, however the top face is wrong. Same for the railing support, where the side facing the side of the stairs is wrong, but the front face is correct.

Next up in this slide complex was some more slides. The slides themselves are fin, the issue here is with the railings and the vertical supports. Here the railings are bad just like on the stairs, but the vertical supports for the roofs somehow have proper wood grain on one face but improper wood grain on the other, for reasons.

Nearby to the slide was the next example of bad wood grain, this bench and picnic table. The legs on both of them are incorrect, with the picnic table having bad wood grain on all faces of the legs, while the bench has bad wood grain on one face and not the other. The table tops also have improper wood grain on the end grain of the wooden planks.

Moving on from the slide areas and more towards the hangout areas, the big trees all around the map had bad wood grain. You see, for trees it is fine if the wood grain wraps around the trees or goes vertical. The only thing is that whatever way the grain goes, it should be consistent for the entirety of the tree. Here you can see that on the upper segment of the tree the wood grain is all horizontal, but on the segment below it half the grain is horizontal while half is vertical.

The last example of bad wood grain I found is probably from one of the most recent updates to the game, and that is these ceiling fans. How do I know it is one of the most recent updates? Well, because these fans were made with either unions of mesh parts, both of which weren’t around for when the game was originally made in 2012.

“But WoodReviewer, the slides are clearly a mesh.”

Yes, a special mesh. You see, back in the day the only meshes we had access to were meshes that Roblox uploaded to the site as hats, and unlike modern meshes that scale as you resize a mesh part, these meshes would scales at their own scale based on how large the original mesh was. In the slides case, it was one of the 2008 Olympic Rings hats that was scaled up and stretched out to make a tub, hence the sharp bevel on the end of the slides as the original hat was about 1 stud around and .2 studs thick, not 10 studs round and 30 studs thick. These tubes were then lined up together to make the slides.

Back to the fan, the top of the fan blade is fine, however the side is incorrect and should follow the grain on the top of the blade. However their could be a slight case made that because the blade is angled in a bit that is actually a bit of end grain, but seeing as I just wanted an excuse to explain how slides were made in the old days and the fact the creator has showed complete disregard for the rest of the wood grain in the map, no benefit of the doubt will be given.

So, that is Waterpark. Is the wood grain good? Not at all. Could it be forgiven since the game is nearly a decade old and was made without most of the modern building tools we take for granted now? Maybe, if the game was some long forgotten relic. However this game is not long forgotten, and has a player count and longevity that many devs would give anything for, so I do have to condemn the wood grain here as being terrible. Sorry, while yes I did make the rules at this point I am too lazy to change them.

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