A Game- making memes in your basement at 3 AM tycoon

Hello there fellow Twitter users with terrible sleep schedules, WoodReviewer here to take a look at making memes in your basement at 3 AM tycoon by Badass Experiences. Now I am sure that just by looking at the name of making memes in your basement at 3 AM tycoon and the featured image of this blog post, you probably have several questions about what this game is about, and trust me, if you play it you will have several more questions. But the game is confusing enough, how about the wood grain?

Well, it isn’t confusing. It is just bad. Let’s start with this holographic picture of The Rock. The sides of the picture frame are entirely incorrect, with horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain. The bottom and top of the frame are correct, on the front faces. And only the front faces. The bottom and the top faces have the grain going from the front to back.

Next up for bad wood grain is this computer desk. The main issue with this computer desk is the actual desktop, which should have wood grain going from one end of the desk to the other. Instead, this desk has grain that goes from the front to the back. It has a similar issue for the pieces of wood around the computer tower. The first issue is that the wooden board under the tower isn’t actually connected to the vertical piece next to the tower. The next problem is that for strength, that vertical piece of wood should have vertical wood grain, going from the desktop down to the board holding the tower.

The last piece of bad wood grain here is on this chair and table set. This set has many issues, with the most noticeable being the fact the table leg is made out of wooden planks, but the planks aren’t vertical and instead look like bricks holding up the table. The next issue is with the chair legs and back supports for the chair. Despite being vertical, the wood grain for all of these parts is horizontal. Plus, the chair legs don’t connect to the rest of the chair.

And that is all the bad wood grain in making memes in your basement at 3 AM tycoon. It isn’t much, but the bad wood grain is still there. Still, atleast the game has two other pros in that it is named as a tycoon instead of a simulator, plus it allows me to smack GollyGreg in-game, and lets be honest, smacking GollyGreg is the only reason I put way too much time into this game and had to make a review on it since I had no time to make another review this week.

That alone makes the 10 or so hours I spent playing the game this week worth it.

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