Football Funner- Super NFL Tycoon

Hello there football fans of Roblox, WoodReviewer back again this year with another look at an NFL Tycoon, Super NFL Tycoon, this year by GameFam. Yes, another year and another NFL tycoon apparently, only this year by GameFam rather than MelonDev. This new games begs several questions, such as is this going to be a new thing every year? Will the tycoons improve? Will they ever make an NFL game that isn’t a tycoon? Will the game devs keep changing every year? Unforantetly, I can’t answer any of those questions. I can, however, answer if the wood grain is good, and spoiler, it isn’t.

Well, some of it isn’t. All in all, I counted four unique items wooden assets in the game, and of the four only one has bad wood grain. The first example was a basic wooden button, but the button was good and I forgot to take a screenshot of it before I finished the game so just trust me that the wood grain on it was fine.

The next example of wood grain in Super NFL Tycoon was along the base of this whiteboard in the press room. This wood grain is also fine, but I got a picture of it so here it is.

The next example of wood grain I saw was on these wooden chairs in the kitchen area. Now, these chairs are complicated, to say the least. At first look, they appear to have proper wood grain, and looking at them closer confirms that they do, indeed, have proper wood grain. However, the exact reason why they have proper wood grain is very complicated, so instead of just saying they are good, here is my best attempt to explain why they are good.

These chairs appear to be a product of steam forming, where when you heat up a wooden board in a hot and humid environment, the wood becomes malleable. This is why young trees are so bendy, because they are thing and filled with fluid, or why gym floors sometimes get warped if they get wet, because the wood absorbs water, warps, and then when they dry they stay warped. That basically means the entire chair seat is one piece of wood, so the front face of the seat is fine. But what about the side? Well, this is also complicated. As you can see from this side shot, some parts of the side of the chair have basically vertical wood grain, others have weird diagonal wood grain. How can this be correct.

Well, first we have to look at how the side grain of the chair should look. Here is a basic diagram that shows a simplified version of what the side grain of the chair looks like before and after the bend, and wait a minute this shows the vertical part of the seat should also have vertical wood grain, how can GameFam’s chair be right?

Because we aren’t just looking at the side grain of the chair, but the end grain. To start with, here is a basic diagram of a wooden sheet the chair was cut from, and the cutout of the chair, with a line to show the rough central point of the fold in the chair.

Here blue represents the end grain of the board, and red the side grain. Now lets at some basic lines to represent wood grain on the board and the cut out and you end up with this for the board.

And this for the cut out.

The thing you have to understand from these two diagrams is that the end grain of the wood is where the outline of the board cuts through the grain of the wood, so while on the board it only happens on the upper and lower edge, on the cutout it also happens on the side cuts of the chair. This diagram below shows roughly where the side grain is, in red, and end grain is in blue, what do you know.

And what do you know, it mostly matches. Granted it is a bit off, but the curves on the chair also are never straight besides for the very bottom of the seat, where there is side grain present, so over all I am very impressed with this chair.

So, with this super complicated chair being correct and with only one more example of wood grain being left in the game, and with that last piece of wood grain being a simple lamp, obviously it must be good, right?

Well no, it is terrible. First off, the tripod legs and main vertical supports are made with wooden planks, not wood, which is just bad due to the lines in the wooden plank texture. Second, the orientation of the planks is wrong. The planks are are horizontal of the lamp, not vertical for the main support or diagonal for the tripod base, probably because the entire bottom supports are a single mesh or a union, and to fix it the vertical post and tripod base should be separated.

So, how was the wood grain? Although the chair was very impressive, overall the wood grain was terrible. While there was only one example of bad wood grain in Super NFL Tycoon, the game also only has four different examples of wood grain throughout the entire map, so that one bad asset really drags down all of the wooden assets in the game. That being said, it is a large improvement over the tycoon last year, so hopefully the tycoon next year will be better.

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