More Garbage- Princess Castle Tycoon Part 2

Hello there brave souls who have decided to return after my unhinged rant last week, WoodReviewer here again with part 2 of my review of Princess Castle Tycoon by Banana Bunch! I promise this week’s review will be a bit less unhinged than last week’s review, mainly because I limited myself to 15 screenshots of bad wood grain this week, rather than the 60 screenshots last week. This week we are taking a look at the Garden expansion of the game, which is basically a small outdoor garden area that is completely detached from the main tycoon. Is the wood grain here better?

Well, no. It still sucks, but this area is a lot smaller so there is less stuff to suck. To start off this review, lets take a look at the mailbox that spawns when you start the game. Much like the mailbox in the main castle area of the game, this mailbox has bad wood grain on the support post, with horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain.

Next up is something that is a bit complicated, the wooden plank supports for the covered path. Normally this type of wood grain would be bad, however, I have seen this used in real life before where a column is wrapped in cedar shingles, and you can sort of see that effect here. Now might this be giving a bit too much credit to a game that has shown complete disregard for wood grain in every other location? Probably, but atleast it is known I am a fair and generous god.

Moving on like 20 studs, however, was another example of bad wood grain, this time for the end grain on the wooden planks surrounding this hot tub. Half of the planks on this tub are actually correct, it is just the side furthest and closest to the camera that are messed up.

Continuing further into the garden, probably like 15 studs this time, was this doorway. Now, this doorway just sucks. For starters, I am not sure why the door frame is made out of wooden planks. Secondly, the wooden planks have the wrong wood grain on the sides of the door, with the grain being horizontal instead of vertical. Thirdly, the wood grain for a beam right next to the door has the same issues with lacking proper vertical grain. And lastly, there isn’t even a door in the door way. Granted that isn’t a wood grain issue, but it is odd.

Next up is another simple example of not using vertical wood grain, this time on this covered patio. The fix here is just a simple part rotation for the main supports, but it is still bad.

Speaking of some simple part rotations, the floors in this part of the garden house are bad. If the planks are individual planks than this should be a simple texture flip fix, but based on the slight curve in the edge of the floor, I’m guessing that whatever union or meshes that were used to make this floor will complicate that a bit.

Going inside this small side room there were numerous issues. The most obvious one can easily be seen on the chair legs, which again have horizontal wood grain. However, a less obvious one can be seen in some of the ceiling support beams, which have improper grain.

Moving further into the room and this area presented itself. Here, you can see improper wood grain on the top face of the shelf I am standing on, the vertical supports for the window frames, the top face of the horizontal parts of the window frames, and in the framing for the roof of the pavilion outside of the window.

Moving on from the little side room is this other side pavilion, but not the same pavilion above with bad wood grain on the roof supports. But this pavilion also had bad wood grain on the roof supports. And on the legs for the little coffee table.

Next is something that I am certain that was reused from the castle, this arch. Now I am pretty sure some of the chairs and other items were reused from the castle, but I don’t feel like scrolling through my last post checking each of the 20 different chairs to make sure. This arch, however, I am certain was in the castle, and much like the castle version, it still has bad wood grain here.

Just a bit few studs from the arch was this table and chair set. Like most chairs in this game, the chair legs have bad wood grain, only this time the chair arms also have bad wood grain. In addition, the umbrella in the middle of the table also has improper horizontal wood grain instead of vertical wood grain, and because default cylinders on Roblox basically can’t have bad wood grain, that means this is obviously either a mesh or a union that was screwed up.

The last major piece of bad wood grain I want to comment on here is this dock. The main dock has improper wood grain on the decking, while the end dock have correct wood grain on the decking. I do not know what this is, but it is wrong and should be fixed.

And with that, my review of the garden tycoon is done. Was it good? Not at all, trust me, if I wanted to I could have probably padded this review out to 25 or so images, but instead I kept it short and sweet after last weeks… thing. But for now there is nothing more to look at, so it is time to end…

…The game had an update. With a new area added. Well, the good news is that this update is Atlantis themed, and if Atlantis is known for one thing it is their futuristic cities made of either a combination of coral and bamboo ala SpongeBob, or a sleek city of nothing but marble and glass.

So of course this new area is filled with wooden windows and shelves with bad wood grain.

No. I am not going to review this map. Just from this one picture alone the wood grain already sucks, and there are still like another couple hundred examples of bad wood grain from the other maps that need to get fixed, so those can be worked on first. I mean, the wood grain here just sucks, and as much as I love to beat a dead horse, the dead horse here has already been pulverized to dust.

The wood grain is terrible, and if you made this game you should feel bad about it.

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