Smrt- Shovelware’s Brain Game

Hello there wannabe Jeopardy players, WoodReviewer here to take a look at a somewhat new and relevant game, Shovelware’s Brain Game by Shovelware Studio. I am a longtime fan of Shovelware studio because despite the fact the studio’s logo is a picture of a banana shoveling poop and the fact their older games were basically Roblox equivalents of the PS2 era of decent by out of place movie tie-in games, those games were unironically better than most series Roblox game, and I would much rather play Minions Adventure Obby: Despicable Forces than Jailbreak.

Anyway, on to the actual game. Shovelware System’s Shovelware’s Brain Game is a basic trivia game filled infront of a live food based studio audience which requires me, a fully grown adult with a college education, to prove my intelligence against a bunch of pre-teens by answering questions about things that occurred before their were born. However, seeing as the entire game is basically just a studio set in a single room, their can’t be that much wood grain, right?

I mean, yeah, there isn’t much wood grain. The first thing I noticed that contained wood were these wooden crates, because of course the game has wooden crates. However, the frames of the crates appear to be OK, and the side panels themselves are made of wooden planks and have correct edge grain, so these crates get a pass, take note everyone else.

Next up in Shovelware Studio presents Shovelware System’s Shovelware’s Brain Game are the crates are the wooden shelves that the crates and other random stuff sit on. Honestly not much more to say about this shelf other than it is fine, although the scaling on it is a bit messed up since the texture extends a bit too far and creates a very thing and small third plank on the shelf.

But while I could in theory condemn the game to having bad wood grain for this offense, I will spare the game today, because atleast the end grain is good.

Moving onto the next thing inShovelware Studio presents Shovelware System’s Shovelware’s Brain Game by Shovelware Studio was the wood for the staircase and base for the main stage. It is OK, if you assume that it isn’t once entire piece of wood but several smaller pieces. If you do believe that, then none of those pieces would have bad wood grain, so this stage also gets a pass.

Last up in this review of this Shovelware Studio’s Shovelware Studio presents Shovelware System’s Shovelware’s Brain Game by Shovelware Studio is this door frame. Unlike the other small issues that I can probably ignore, the top part of this door frame is absolutely terrible. For one, the front face has vertical wood grain when it should have horizontal wood grain, and then to top it off the top wood grain is diagonal for some reason? I’m guessing it is because of how the mesh was imported or something, but regardless it is wrong and ruins the game.

So, how was Shovelware Studio’s Shovelware Studio presents Shovelware System’s Shovelware’s Brain Game by Shovelware Studio’s Shovelware’s Brain Game? Well, not good. I mean, I believe there were four wooden assets total in-game, and one of them had bad wood grain with one other asset having questionable wood grain. I mean, for a studio whose logo contains a literal pile of poop I’m not sure how high we should set our expectations, but my expectations were set higher.

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