Return of the Rabbit- 2018 Egg Hunt Part 14

Hello there disappointed egg hunters of Roblox that are once again disappointed that there isn’t an official Roblox egg hunt this year, WoodReviewer here to continue my look at The Great Yolktales by Fifteam. For those of you who new here, yes, this is honestly Part 14 of my look at a single Roblox event game made a half decade ago now. If you want to read my previous reviews for some reason, here they are. So, how is the wood grain in the sub world of world 4?

Well, there isn’t any wood grain. The level is all either custom textures, smooth plastic, or neon.

Yup, nothing else to see here. One good level after 13 blog posts of posting all the terrible wood grain in the egg hunt. Be sure to come back next year for my follow up annual installment of this review, which I promise does have bad wood grain.

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