A Normal House- Woodland Home Showcase

Hello there showcase lovers of Roblox, WoodReviewer here to take a look at Woodland Home Showcase by Aerophagia. Originally this intro was going to be a long discussion on how much I love the recent revival of showcases and how they made my job of reviewing wood grain so much easier and how because showcase builders usually have such large egos they usually get really mad when I review their showcases. But then I decided to have a look back at when was the last time I reviewer a proper showcase, and it turns out I haven’t done a proper showcase review in almost three years now. That is honestly kind of shocking with how heavily I used to review showcases back when I was much more consistent with my posting, yet I haven’t done one with my fairly consistent posting this year. So, with this return to form being overdue by almost three years, how is the wood in Woodland Home Showcase?

Not very good.

The first piece of bad wood grain I found was right behind me as I was sitting back thinking about how easy this review would be. It is on the small side table. This table had two major offenders in the bad wood grain club, one being the table top. The front face should have horizontal wood grain going from one side of the table to the other side of the table. The other issues is with the table legs. The wood grain should go from the bottom of the leg up to the top of the leg, not wrap around the leg.

As I left my chair I wandered over from my outdoor seating area and moved towards the house, and the first thing I noticed were the shutters. These shutters have two issues: The top of the slats and the sides of the shutter frame. The slat’s issue is that the top face appears to have wood grain going from the front to the back of the slate instead of the proper side-to-side orientation like the front face of the slats, while the side of the frame has horizontal wood grain rather than the correct vertical wood grain.

Of course, these are basic wooden brick parts so they are easy to fix. Of course, the following part is heavily unioned, so it won’t be that easy to fix. That part is either a wooden bracket/corbel. The issue here is that while the horizontal part of the corbel seems correct, the vertical section has bad wood grain. Of course, this is basically impossible to fix as a single union, so my recommendation would be make it a two or three part corbel. While this would increase part count a bit, what is another 10-30 parts when you already have 19,000 parts?

Next up on my review around the outside of the house is this water wheel. First off, the fact the entire frame of the wheel being a single part is a bit odd, but that kind of hard to fix. Plus, the much more obvious and easy to fix issue would be the paddles. The wood grain goes from the front to the back of the paddles, instead of from one side of the frame to the other. Even if these paddles are a union it should be a simple fix, since you can adjust the entire union to fix them.

Moving a bit down stream from the water wheel was the next issue I had with this boat. The main issue is with the seat/horizontal bracing of the boat, which is made out of wooden planks. Only the planks for the seat go from the front of the boat to the back of the boat, instead of the correct orientation which is from one side of the boat to the other. Again, normally this would be an easy fix, but seeing as the entire boat is a single union it is probably a much harder fix to make.

Finally moving onto the inside of the house, the first major issue I saw was with the vertical slats in this chair. You see, the slats are vertical, so it would make sense then that the wood grain with these slats is also vertical. This is not the case, as the wood grain on these slats is horizontal instead.

Next up inside is this larger wooden beam that, due to its size, I can only assume was a load bearing beam and was bearing a large amount of the weight of the house above. The issue here is that it is a vertical beam, so it would make sense that the wood grain on this beam is also vertical. This is not the case, as the wood grain on the beam is horizontal instead.

The next piece of bad wood grain I saw in this showcase was on this bookshelf. Now straight away I am going to ignore the curved upper section of the bookshelf because that isn’t load bearing and it could make sense, along with the books themselves because wooden book covers aren’t really a thing. What I do want to focus on is the vertical side for the bookshelf. You see, the side is vertical, so it would make sense that the wood grain on the side of the book case is also vertical. This is not the case, as the wood grain on the beam is horizontal instead.

Last up on my look through this house is the railing posts and spindles. You see, for both the posts and the railings and spindles are vertical, so it would make sense that the wood grain for the posts and spindles are also vertical. This is now the case, as the wood grain on the posts and spindles is horizontal instead.

So that was my look at Woodland House Showcase. So, how was it? I mean, it was showcase, so of course the wood grain was bad. Sure, it may have been a few years since my last showcase review, but the basics for any showcase are still there: Way too many bricks in a small area, a bunch of needlessly unioned parts, some weird camera tricks to prevent you from zooming out of the neat little area the creator made for you, some weird lore, and a bunch of bad wood grain. And no matter how long I will do these reviews, I am sure that atleast the absolutely excessive part counts and bad wood grain will always remain part of any showcase.

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