Poor Housing-Buena Vista

Hello mouse people of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today it is once again time to pay a visit to our good friend Asimo3089 and his newest showcase Buena Vista. Of course, after he fixed up The Wind, I expect him to keep all the lessons he learned making that and apply them to all his new showcases, Buena Vista included.

Unfortunately, my expectations were set too high.


Fairly easy problem here. The wood fence, which is made of boards laid horizontally, has wood grain on the top that goes front to back rather than side to side with the wood. If that was the only mistake it wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately, there were more.

Lets start with our oldest and most common friend, chair legs. The issue here is the supports. Look at the very back of the chair; the wood grain goes up and down. That is how the wood grain should go on the side of the back pieces and the front legs. As for the curves, the best way to make them correct is to break them unto muliple pieces rather than only having them be a few unions.


Speaking of furniture, these shelves were bad. The vertical supports should have vertical wood grain, and the horizontal shelves should have wood grain that goes side to side.


Next up is the trim. This was very close to being correct; you see, the trim is made from two pieces; one cylinder on the top and a wood block on the bottom. The top cylinder is fine; it is the bottom block that has issues. The quickest fix would just be to flip the wooden block. However, because all the trim is made poorly it will take some time to fix all the trim in the entire house.


Next was this cutting board. The top is OK; it is the front face that has issues. The wood grain should go the same direction as the grain on the top.

Cutting Board.png

Now, showcases are not the most effective way to make R$ as a developer on ROBLOX. Everyone knows this, and as a result Asimo has billboards to sell items in-game. But the billboards have issues with wood grain. First, the main white background should have wood grain going up and down, not side to side. Next is an issue with the back trim around it. On these pieces, rather than going side to side they should go up and down.


However, this issue is only on the item boards. On paintings, which appear to have bad wood grain on the side, the frame is fine. This is because the back of the painting is one large board, so the black wood all around it is one large piece instead of the frame being made of small pieces. Because of that, the frame is fine.


Next up is some small stuff. First, these Jenga blocks. The top pieces have wood grain on the top that goes side to side rather than front to back.


Another issue were these boards in a secret area. Can’t say where, because secret, but the boards closest to the camera have bad wood grain, with the faces going from side to side, not up and down. The boards around the stairs have a similar issue.


There was one last issue that I saw. These drawers.


Although they have a custom texture, the same rules apply and the wood grain should go side to side with the grain. However, the fact the texture repeats so much makes it obvious that something is wrong because the texture just looks weird. A simple texture flip to have it goes across rather than up and down would fix it.

Overall, I was not mad; I was disappointed. Asimo should know better by now that he should use proper wood grain because it will be inspected. Using bad wood grain is just sloppy, especially for someone who prides themselves on focusing small details; just not details involving wood grain. Hopefully his next showcase has proper wood grain.



P.S., just because I can’t normally see wood grain doesn’t mean you can make it bad.

Under Bed.png



4 thoughts on “Poor Housing-Buena Vista

  1. Kappa

    It’s amazing really, how no one asked. What if all the furniture was IKEA-based and was meant to look drawn on?



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