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They are fixed now. Stop using the bad ones.

Harambe-Harambe Tycoon

Hello gorilla lovers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here Today I am taking a look at the place formerly known as Harambe Tycoon by Berezaa. This place was once an homage to our former savior, but was shut down after a child fell into its enclosure. For those who are not familiar with Harambe, he was a very famous gorilla who had a long history of helping to improve the world. This included raising millions in charity for various fundraisers, helping to raise the educational started in several states by double digits and, most famously, helping to broker a peace treaty between humans and apes as a result of King Kong’s rampage.

Ape-Human War.png

Harambe, circa 1935

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Rising Tides-River House

Hello builders of ROBLOX looking for inspiration, WoodReviewer here. Today I am here to inspire you, and to do that I am going to take a look at some of the buildings of great builders in the Elite Builders of ROBLOX and tell you how much those buildings sucks in the latest installment of the EBR Wheel of WoodShame. Today I am taking a look at River House by Electiz. As is tradition with places my water, lets start off by looking at the boat dock.


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Game Maker-Game Development Tycoon

Hello future entrepreneurs of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today I am taking a look at Game Development Tycoon by Dominute Games. Yes, another tycoon. I know some people look down at tycoons, but that is not my place to judge. My only place to judge is the wood grain in a place, and all games, even tycoons and obstacle courses, fall under my jurisdiction. So I will review it as a reminder no one can escape my wrath.


The game starts you off in a small garage where you begin making games. This set up is similar to how I make my reviews, complete with the spare breakfast pizza under the bed.

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Bookshelves and Crates-Endorsed Models Part 6

Hello tycoon makers of ROBLOX, Supreme Wood Grain Ninja Master Model Overlord WoodReviewer, today it is the time for the glorious return of my look at endorsed models on ROBLOX. For those unaware what endorsed models are, endorsed models are models that ROBLOX chooses for high quality and polish that they feature by default in the toolbox menu in ROBLOX studio. As of earlier this year, the rules were also updated so that all endorsed models should have a primary part set, shouldn’t fall apart when unanchored, and should have proper wood grain. However, I am only concerned with wood grain, so if someone wants to make UnanchoredModelReviewer or PrimaryPartSetInModelsReviewer, be my guest. Today I am taking a look at several models revolving around crates and bookshelves. First up, Quenty’s crate that is in every third game on ROBLOX.


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Death Lobby-Murder Mystery 2

Hello cunning killers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here, today it is time for a very special game: Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis. Somehow, this is only the second time I’ve covered a Murder/GMod game on ROBLOX, with the first being Mad Murderer almost 6 months ago, despite the fact there are litterally dozens of them. Now I have nothing against GMod clones on ROBLOX; that is not the reason I am not covering them. The reason that I haven’t  is that it is surprisingly hard to get good screenshots; the combination of the fairly large map pool and short round length can make it difficult to take, or in some cases retake, screenshots. For example, Twisted Paintball has 10 minute rounds and four maps, so you have time to look around a learn a map during a round and then plenty of time to take the appropriate screenshots during the next round. And you can be fairly sure in three or four rounds the map you want to look at will be back in the rotation.For Murder games it is harder because each round lasts 100 seconds, and the round can easily end in 15-40 seconds. That can mean it can take four or five rounds to learn a map to know where most of the bad wood grain is. In addition, the amount of maps and voting system mean you can not get a map you want for 15-20 rounds in a row, and when you do, the sheriff kills the murderer instantly before you can take screenshots.

But I digress; none of that has anything to do with the wood grain. And unlike my Volt review, this is not stalling post length since there is plenty of bad wood grain to review, such as our old friend Mr. Crate in the main lobby.

Lobby Crate.png

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Crates!-Voltron Part 1

Hello TV enthusiasts who no longer want to pay for cable, WoodReviewer here. Today I am taking a look at Voltron: Legendary Defender, a sponsored game made by Quenty and Maelstronomer. Well, part of the game atleast. You see, the game itself is fairly long and my review for it, which will be released early tomorrow, was too long, and this blog is what I cut out. Now, what exactly was so long that I had to make a second blog just to talk about it? This.


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Sooner Rather than Later

Hello procrastinators, WoodReviewer here, and today I have a different type of blog post for you. First off, this is not a review of any place or model. Secondly, the main purpose of this blog is not how to make games with proper wood grain, but when to make add proper wood grain.

When? Yes, when. You see, in many games with bad wood grain that claim to be in the alpha/beta stages of development say “we’re in alpha/beta, the wood grain will be fixed eventually.” That is true; wood grain can be fixed when a game is ready to be released, but it shouldn’t be. If you don’t care for my opinion then you can close this page and fix wood grain however you want, but if you want some building tips on how to fix wood grain quickly without slowing down how long it takes to build maps, stick around for a while.

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Jungle World-Twisted Paintball Part 2

Hello there my readers, WoodReviewer here. I am here to look at wood in all of the games. Today I look at TWISTED Murder by Taymaster. Well, the game is. The map I am looking at is by  PixelatedCandy. This is part 2 of my look at TWISTED Murder because there was too much bad wood grain to fit in one blog post. Will there be too much to fit in two posts? The fact I am asking that questions means I know the answer. Plus the fact I have the rest of the review written and am going back to change the intro to tease part 3.

In this blog I will be looking at the map Jungle Japes, as mentioned, by PixelatedCandy. Like Frosthold, the winter map, it has many examples of bad wood grain. Unlike Frosthold, it does not have any impressive wood grain to start this review out cheerfully. So lets start with some less-bad wood grain first.

Swamp crate.png

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General Wood Grain-Endorsed Models Part 2

Hello there fellow ROBLOXians, WoodReviewer here, and today is part 2 of my look at endorsed models. For those who did not read the first part, here it is. Today’s part will focus on general, simple issues with wood grain. Everything seen here was fixed in under half a minute, all with Stravant’s material flip plugin. Now, just as a refresher for those who are new, endorsed models are a shadow feature that everyone on ROBLOX uses, but most don’t know about. Whenever you open your tool box in Studio, they are the models that are always in the way of what you actually want to use, and you can tell they are endorsed because they have an orange badge on them. To get a model endorsed, you submit it on the dev forum and then stuff happens and it is either endorsed or not. Proper wood grain is not checked when a model is endorsed.

First, let’s start with our old friend Quenty. More specifically his crate. You may remember this crate from my review of Whatever Floats Your Boat. In-game, he fixed it, but he seems to have forgotten to upload the fixed version to free models so everyone else can have it.


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Tax Season-Whatever Floats you Boat

Hello there fellow humans and Max the dog, WoodReviewer here. Apparently in the US it is now tax season. Now, based on the fact that the general age of ROBLOX players is so young and the fact that every year there are horror stories on the Dev forum of people who used DevEx but didn’t realize they have to pay taxes despite the fact they got sent a tax form by ROBLOX, lets go over the basics: You make money, based on how much money you make you send money to the government, and all should be good. However, sometimes the government does an audit in which they go through you taxes to make sure you paid as much as you should. If you are paying your taxes properly this isn’t an issue, but if you aren’t it is.And if you aren’t, you should avoid doing everything possible to get an audit. This includes not bragging on Facebook at how you didn’t pay your taxes, driving around in a Bugatti Veyron with a license plate TXEVDR while claiming you make $10,000 a year, or Tweeting at the IRS saying that they should audit you to find how much money you haven’t been paying.

Similarly, if your place has bad wood grain in it, you should not Tweet at me bragging about how the wood grain in your place hasn’t been audited. And for that reason I will be taking a look at Whatever Floats Your Boat by Quenty. So let’s start. How many pieces of bad wood grain can you see in the image(no repeats)?


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