EndorsedModel-Endorsed Models Part 4

Hello ladies, gentleman, and our future robot overlords, WoodReviewer here, and today I will be continuing my look through  endorsed models, today focusing on the models by EndorsedModel. Or most of them atleast. You see, EndorsedModel has 7 endorsed models I will be taking a look at, 5 today, 2 next time. The 5 today are simple, but the ones next time are more complex and will include a look at DataBrain’s Wood Grain Fix plug in and will show why it is not always correct.

“WoodReviewer” you may be asking, “Who are you and what are endorsed models.” You see, Jimmy, that is why you start at part 1 and work your way to part 4, so you know what is going on. No go on, read the first 3 and a half parts, this site is paid for until atleast mid 2017, so there should be plenty of time.

Back Jimmy? Good. Now let’s start telling EndorsedModel how much he sucks at wood.


First up is his trash can. Pretty simple to see what is going on here. Boards on the outside of the trash can are wrong. Fairly simple fix with Stravant’s texture flip.

…No Jimmy, no link to it. Go back to the other posts. I’ll continue after you find it. And be sure to take a look at the fixed version while you’re doing that.


Next up we have this bunk bed. It had several issues. First, the support son the bottom of the mattress were wrong. The person on the bottom probably dislikes that.


Next up, the ladder and main supports both had bad wood grain.


And lastly, one of the beams at the top that prevent Jimmy from rolling off the bed were was weak.


These were all easy fixes with the texture flip plugin.


I’m really sorry if this blog post is boring. Most of the issues are simple texture flips, and most aren’t hard. Like the shelves and vertical support on this book shelf.


Just a simple click per piece and it was fixed.


“WoodReviewer” Jimmy says “This is boring.”

Shut up Jimmy. You’re at a blog about wood grain and now you’re complaining about it being boring. That is your own fault. Also, you lost your Jimmy privilege, James. Now look at this chest.


Bad wood grain on most of the darker trim, and on some of the lighter planks. Again, simple texture flip and it was fixed. Well, mostly. I had to reweld the lid so that it could open properly, but that is simple enough.


Last up, we have this shed, which Quenty has reused in Meadows Ranch atleast once.


Only issue here was both the visible and invisible faces had bad grain, which made it a bit of a challenge. Still, easy enough.


Overall, the wood grain in EndorsedModel’s endorsed models was pretty bad.


You see, this was only 5 models. He has 7 models I am looking at. The last two are more complex, so complex they are saved for a seperate blog post.

“But WoodReviewer” James says “I don’t care.”

…And that is why I’m here, to care for those that don’t.

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