Rereview-Meadows Ranch Part 2

Hello lovers of all things horses, WoodReviewer here,  today I am taking another look at a game that that I already reviewed in alpha but has since been released. No, it is not Whatever Floats your Boat, but Meadows Ranch made by Kris Barnard, Quenty, HolidayPwner, and others. As the title mentions, this is part two; the first part was a look at the basic spawn area and some of the jobs. This part two will only be looking at the same areas as part one, with a part three coming soon looking at the new areas added.So, lets see if the issues in my first blog were properly addressed and fixed.


Lets start where I started last time; the main stable. My complaint here was that the bars that held the horses in were made out of wooden planks, but instead of the planks being vertical it was horizontal. This was not fixed, the the planks were still horizontal.


Next up was the support beams on the roof of the stables. Very similar issue here, with the plank texture on the beams wrapping around the beam rather and going along it length wise.


Only some beams were bad; most were good

Still in the stable was this window, more specifically the frame. The wood grain on the planks goes parallel to the ground, rather than vertical, again making the grain bad.


Moving outside the stable was this building. It is the same as it was last time, and I am still confused about what it is suppose to do. I believe the the darker brown vertical beams should be vertical, but I’m not sure what this is suppose to look like in real life.


Inside the building everything remained the same as my last visit. This shelf still had bad wood grain on one of its supports, and only one.


As you can see, the shelves in the background were correct

Still in the building, this shelf containing horse shoes has bad wood grain with the planks going out away from the wall rather than along the wall.


Leaving the home area, it is time to look at the second area I looked at during my first look, the training area. Right off the bad we can see the first improvement in the game. These supports were improper before, but now have proper wood grain.


In another improvement, the roof supports were completely redesigned, and the new supports have correct wood grain, while the old ones did not.

second roof.png

There was another improvement in the English Area, where the little roof above the door was fixed. The planks now going parallel to the planks length, not perpendicular like they use to.


Unfortunately, the area was not completely fixed. This horse jump still had improper wood grain on the bottom. The texture on the top should go the same direction as the texture on the front.


Another example of wood grain that was not fixed here are the stands around the training arena. The supports should have the wood grain go vertical, from the bottom to the seats, but it does not.


The last feature that I need to look at is the observation tower that overlooks the arena. At first, it seems to be improved. The texture on the main supports of the tower is correct, as is the texture on the latter steps and supports.

tower legs.png

And from ground level, everything seems fine. However, if you zoom out and look up you can see that the cross beams still have improper wood grain.


Just because I can’t climb the latter can’t mean I can’t see it

And that was a look at all my complaints from my first review. Is it better? Slightly. A few areas were improved, but at the same time many issues stayed the same. One one hand, it is good because there were improvements. But at the same time, it makes what is improper even worse since it shows that the builders know how wood grain works but choose to not fix it. Overall, the wood grain is very poor. And as I mentioned, I still have the rest of the game to look at.

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