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Frog Feet-Meadows Ranch Part 4

Hello flaming horse riders, WoodReviewer here, today I am looking at a staple of my blog post history. No, not Asimo, and if you still haven’t figured out that I include the name of games in my title than that is your own problem. Today I am taking another look at Meadows Ranch. More specifically, the Halloween pumpkin hunting map. So if you are reading this after October ends, it may not apply to you if they remove it. Unless they reused the map for another event. Still, today it is time to focus on the present, and for that we need to look at the map.


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Trails-Meadows Ranch Part 3

Hello Meadows Ranch team, WoodReviewer again. Sorry if my pestering of you is getting a little annoying, but the bad wood grain in your game is equally annoying. For those of you who just showed up and are confused, Meadows Ranch is a horse simulation game where you shovel poop in order to get horses in order to ride said horses. This is my third review on it. The first was an early alpha build where I pointed out bad wood grain for the developers to fix before the final release, and the second was one where I checked on the complaints from my first review and complained about them not being fix. However, because my first review was done in the pre-alpha more content, mainly horse trails, was added that I did not go over in my last review. So that is what I am focusing on for this review.

The first map I looked at was Forest Glenn. It did not have much wrong, the only issue was the bark on the trees. Some sides had vertical wood grain; others horizontal. For trees made with wood grain as bark, all sides should have the texture going the same direction, either vertical or horizontal. That was not the case here, and seeing as there were a few hundred trees in the level it is probably a time consuming mistake to make.

River Tree.png

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Rereview-Meadows Ranch Part 2

Hello lovers of all things horses, WoodReviewer here,  today I am taking another look at a game that that I already reviewed in alpha but has since been released. No, it is not Whatever Floats your Boat, but Meadows Ranch made by Kris Barnard, Quenty, HolidayPwner, and others. As the title mentions, this is part two; the first part was a look at the basic spawn area and some of the jobs. This part two will only be looking at the same areas as part one, with a part three coming soon looking at the new areas added.So, lets see if the issues in my first blog were properly addressed and fixed.


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Horses-Meadows Ranch Part 1

Hello there horse riders, WoodReviewer here, today I take an early look at Meadows Ranch by Meadows Ranch. Now, this is not a released game, much like the Egg Hunt, so the average user can’t play it yet. Also, the game isn’t done yet so I can’t review the whole thing. However, I have access to some of it so I can review parts of it so that hopefully the issues are fixed in the final release. Look at this image of Meadows Ranch that was teased back in February.

Medows Rance

I posted about it on Twitter, and look at that gate post now.

Main Sign.png

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Rebate Season-Canyon Heights

Hello there fellow tax enthusiests, WoodReviewer here, and today I continue my previous lesson on taxes with another important lesson: If you get audited and something turns up, make sure your taxes are extra good the next year. So lets say you forget to claim several thousand dollars on your income, get audited, and and the IRS sees you screwed up. The next year correctly do your taxes, because the chances of a second audit happening after something turns up are fairly high. Or in my case, if I audit one of your places after you claim there is nothing wrong and then PM me saying you fixed it, guess what: Surprise audit of a different place. So that is why today I am taking a look at Canyon Heights, again by Quenty, because he did this to himself.

Now, the first thing I noticed in-game isn’t bad wood grain, but inconsistent wood grain. For tree bark, I am OK with either vertical or horizontal wood grain because tree bark is not wood grain, so wood is acting as a texture not a wood block.


That being said, I do have a problem when half the tree had wood grain one way, half the other. Either the tree had bark that is vertical or horizontal, not both. But enough with the minor nitpicking.

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