Horses-Meadows Ranch Part 1

Hello there horse riders, WoodReviewer here, today I take an early look at Meadows Ranch by Meadows Ranch. Now, this is not a released game, much like the Egg Hunt, so the average user can’t play it yet. Also, the game isn’t done yet so I can’t review the whole thing. However, I have access to some of it so I can review parts of it so that hopefully the issues are fixed in the final release. Look at this image of Meadows Ranch that was teased back in February.

Medows Rance

I posted about it on Twitter, and look at that gate post now.

Main Sign.png

With that in mind, lets continue pointing out bad wood grain so that it gets fixed. Lets start with this stable stall right inside the barn.


The vertical bars feature wooden planks that go horizontal. Any horse could easily knock these bars out of place. Luckily, if you look up things get better.

Stable Supports.png

Did I say better? I meant worse. Some of the support beams also have improper wood grain on them. In addition, the window frames had bad wood grain.

Stable Window.png

Outside of the starting stable, there was a store. It was interesting, to say the least.


Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what it is suppose to be. Are the darker planks suppose to be an outline around the lighter planks? Or it is some type of vertical supports to hold it in place? Either way, something looks off. Inside the store, there were two clear issues.


This shelf had bad wood grain on one support, while the rest were fine. I’m not sure if this was intentional to annoy me or not, but I noticed it.

There was also this shelf with horseshoes on it that had bad wood grain, with the planks sticking out from the wall instead of going the long way along the way.


The next area I am taking a look at is the training area for horses/riders. Needless to say, if you went there for support you were out of luck.

Learning Supports.png

And the roof supports also aren’t good at supporting you if you need help on a horse.

Learning Roof.png

Near the entrance for the training area was the English Area. I’m not big on horses, so I was disappointed when I entered it and there was no tea. Also, the wood grain on the supports for the sign and above the door way was bad.

English Area.png

Inside the English Area were some jumps.Jumps.png

Luckily for bad horses, most of the wood grain on the jumps was bad, allowing the jumps to easily fall apart of a horse missed the jump. Granted the entire jump would need to be replaced, but it is probably a feature.

Outside of the entrance was these grandstands to view horse training. Outside of the obvious build issues, the wood grain on the vertical supports was wrong.


Last up, there was a tower to over see the horse circle. The supports of it, however, had bad wood grain. As did the ladder to get to the top.

Tower Supports.png

And the bad wood grain continued on higher supports.

Tower Ladder.png

Overall, Meadow’s Ranch has some serious issues with wood grain. From structural weaknesses, bad windows, and stables that let horses escape, the entire place is a mess. Luckily, it is still in the testing areas so there is plenty of time to fix the issues. Or I get to reuse content when I make my post-release review bashing the wood grain even though the makers knew what was wrong.. I’m OK with either scenario.

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