Rising Tides-River House

Hello builders of ROBLOX looking for inspiration, WoodReviewer here. Today I am here to inspire you, and to do that I am going to take a look at some of the buildings of great builders in the Elite Builders of ROBLOX and tell you how much those buildings sucks in the latest installment of the EBR Wheel of WoodShame. Today I am taking a look at River House by Electiz. As is tradition with places my water, lets start off by looking at the boat dock.


As is tradition with showcases that have docks, the wood grain on this dock is bad. The problem here was with the vertical posts on the deck. The wood grain here should be vertical, going up from the ground, but it is instead horizontal, or wraps around the brick.

Continuing the tradition of items that EBR builders get wrong, door frames. Again, the side of the door frame should have vertical wood grain. However, there is one more problem; the bottom of the frame. The wood grain here should stretch across the width of the door, from side to side, but instead it goes from front to back.


As is tradition, inside the house the chairs at the island in the kitchen have bad wood grain. This is so common in-games that it is usually the first item I look at. I’m still not sure why people don’t fix it, since it just takes a quick texture flip to fix, but people still get chair legs wrong.


Of course, going through the rest of the house these issues were in other places. The chairs in the kitchen, for example, and the same issue.


The table leg also wasn’t vertical

Same issue with this door way as the door frame to enter the house; the frame had horizontal wood grain, rather than vertical.


Moving on from the usual suspects of bad wood grain in EBR, it is time to move onto probably causes of bad wood grain. As is tradition with EBR places, basically every piece of wood grain probably had bad wood grain. Take this book shelf for example. The vertical supports lack proper vertical wood grain. In addition, the shelves should have wood grain that stretches between the supports, not from the back of the shelf to the front.


While I’m on the topic of shelves, these shelves in the basement also had similar issues with wood grain; the supports were horizontal rather than vertical, and the shelves had wood grain that went from front to back, rather than stretching between the supports. However, you  may notice the crates in the background.


As is tradition in EBR places, they reuses the crates Quenty made that have bad wood grain. Quenty actually fixed the crates, it is just that other people have not gotten around to to replacing them in their places with the new ones. Or manually fixing the wood grain since it is their place and they are ultimately responsible for everything in said place.


Another issue I saw was with this baby bed. Obviously it is very important to protect them, but all the wood grain on the supports was wrong. Why was it wrong? All the vertical parts, including the main supports and smaller supports,


Last up for the inside of the house was the stair case. There were a few issues here. First, the support at the front of the stairs had horizontal wood grain, rather then the correct vertical. Next, the railings themselves had wood grain that wrapped around the railing rather than go along the length of it from the bottom to the top of the stairs. The same issue was on the board under the railing. Lastly, the stairs themselves were wrong with the wood grain going from the back to the front of the stairs, rather than one side to the other. Theses were all noticeable issues that can be fixed with a quick texture flip.


Starting with the front porch on the house, the wood grain was pretty poor. Against, the vertical supports for the roof above the deck and the railings had horizontal wood grain rather than the correct vertical wood grain.


Next up was this basket. Ignoring the wooden rings, the issue here were the planks. As they are vertical, the wood grain should also be vertical similar to barrels and other planters.


The last example of bad wood grain here was this fence. The posts were mostly OK, with the small triangle at the top being a little odd because it was made with wedges. The main issue was the back bracing for the fence; even though the wood stretches from side to side, the grain wraps around the pieces rather than going the long way along it.


As is tradition is most games I review made my members of EBR, the wood grain was bad. Very bad. Still about as good as other EBR showcases, but at this point that bar is low enough it probably has found oil by now. Just remember, new builders, if you want your game to be a step above those in EBR just use proper wood grain. Unlike what others say, it is not that hard. And once you are good at it, no one in the Elite Builders of ROBLOX will ever be able to match your places.

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