Seating-Endorsed Models Part 7

Hello experienced model makers of ROBLOX, WoodReviewer here. Today I am once again taking a look at the vast collection of models that ROBLOX promotes to new users as an example of what proper building on ROBLOX looks like and to tell the people who made said models how bad they are and how their models suck. The theme for the models today is seating, as in take a seat and look at how bad the wood grain is on these chairs and benches.

Deck bad 1.png

The first model for today is this deck chair and table by our good friend EndorsedModel. Most of the chair and table is just fine; the issue is with the back supports. As you can see, the front face is fine with the wood grain going from the bottom of the plank up to the top. However on the side there is improper wood grain. This is due to the fact the sides are made with wedges, and most wedges have improper wood grain, this way,

Deck Bad 2.png

The way I fixed it was simply by unioning the wedge with the main brick, applying the bricks proper wood grain to the wedge, and then fixing it. Here is the fixed version.

deck good.png

Next up are some unusual models for this blog, in that they have proper wood grain. First up, this bench by DataSynchronized.  Yes, it is just two boards, but still the wood grain is fine on both of them with the grain stretching from one end of the board to the other the long way.

Good Bench 1.png

“But WoodReviewer” you may be asking “that is only two boards.”

First off, I have reviewed models in the past that were literally two boards on top of a pole, and both boards had improper wood grain, so getting two boards correct is a massive improvement over what others have done.

Second, if you want a model with more parts that still has proper wood grain you can check out any of the other models I have reviewed and fixed and stare at them as the magnificent glow of proper wood grain over comes you. Or you can look at this picnic table by SpaceK531. Not much to say here; all the boards have the grain go along them the long way. No CSG or wedges so everything is simple to see.

Good Bench 2.png

Unfortunately, that is where the good wood grain ends for today, atleast good wood grain that I don’t create. Next up is this small bench by our good friend EndorsedModel. There are many issues here. First off, the legs have improper wood grain in the front and back.

Bench 1 bad.png

The legs were fixed my first correcting the brick at the bottom and then unioning the wedge at the top to the main brick so both shared the same, correct wood grain.

Bench 1 good 1.png

Next up these vertical connectors on the back have improper wood grain, same for the wedges on top of the back making up the arch.

Bench 1 bad 3.png

The vertical pieces were a simple texture flip to fix.  The wedges on the top were harder; not because it was a hard concept to fix but because ROBLOX’s CSG system hates wedges and it took 50 attempts and 2 crashes to get the entire top piece to form a single union.

Bench 1 good 2.png

Last up was this piece of decoration Much like the top the issue was with the wedges not going along with the rest of the wood that makes up the decoration.

Bench 1 bad 2.png

However unlike the upper decoration, Studio did not crash while making it. The union did corrupt several times and it took a good dozen or so attempts, but no crashes. If you don’t want to deal with the crashes, here is the fixed version.

Bench 1 good 3.png

That was all the bad examples of seating for today. If you read my older blogs on endorsed models there are more examples, but it is too soon to shame UristMcSparks for not going through and ensuring old models get fixed up instead of hoping I forget about them and go away. Still, there was improvement; of the four new models I found two actually had correct wood grain for a change. I know I have annoyed DataSynchronized before so I am going to take credit for causing her to fix it. As for SpaceK531, good job, but check your coaster.


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