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Every once in a while, you need to go back in time and see what you have done and what mistakes you have made. Doing this allows you to not only become a better person, but also to see where you can grow, how you can improve, and where you can go next in life. Fortunately for me, I am Mr. Perfect WoodReviewer so I don’t need to do that, and instead I will help Dued1 improve Work at a Pizza Place, since apparently my t review of it last year was not enough to to get him to fix the wood grain.


Very rarely in a place as old and famous as Pizza Place does the main area get updated often. That is why Survive the Disasters and Galleons have had a similar lobby platform seemingly forever now. But Pizza Place has been updated recently, with the new store front receiving some new tables and chairs. So, did these updates help with the terrible wood grain in the old version?


If you guessed “No” congrats, you have basic reasoning abilities to understand why I would make a second review. Of course, in keeping with the long ROBLOX tradition of annoying me, the chairs and table legs have improper wood grain on their vertical supports. This may be because the chairs are a single union, I’m not sure if it is a union to be honest, but that is not an excuse for the bad wood grain.


Leaving the chairs, although not far since the table legs are literally just a few studs away, it is time to take a look at the table supports. Just like the chair legs, the vertical parts of the table support  has improper horizontal wood grain. In addition, the bottom cross that is meant to help keep the table stable has improper wood grain, with the grain going perpendicular to the center of the cross, not away from the center.


Although I could end this review right here, with the chairs along being bad enough, there was more improper wood grain to see. Especially with table legs, such as these legs holding up the cheese and other various non-pineapple pizza toppings.


Reaching the back part of the pizza shop, the table that supported that the pizzas going out for delivery also had improper wood grain for the supports. This was a major issue as I had taken the job of a pizza delivery reviewer in order to get the opening screenshot, and without anyone delivering pizzas they would have piled up for sure and put great strain on the table’s legs.


That was all of the inside of the pizza shop. So what about what was outside of it? Well, just like last time, the mail boxes were still bad. In fact, I’m fairly certain the actual model for the mail box, along with the houses, were still the same as last time. So, were they any new additions to be reviewed this time around?


In fact there was. This pier was added. And like the chairs, tables, and mailboxes, all the vertical supports had improper  horizontal wood grain instead of the correct vertical wood grain. What a shocker. However, there was one more addition of note in the GUI: a way to report a glitch.


Sure, most people don’t consider bad wood grain to be a glitch, but that won’t stop me from flooding whatever inbox this is going to with messages to fix wood grain until I finally get blocked from doing it.

That was Pizza Place. Well, most of it. I didn’t inspect the furniture because it was probably all bad anyway, and when I actually play it, which I do from time to time, I play it the classic way, just making pizzas for fun. But how was the wood grain here? Well, it was still bad. I mean, technically it got even worse since the models in the restaurant were updated instead of just using the same asset that was here since 2010, so that is a few points off of the 0 it was already heading for. Or would it be 0 if I use the penalty as a negative multiplier with the current score being 0. I mean, it doesn’t matter much since the wood grain here still is not good and I don’t actually give games a number rating, this is just some line filling to get the point across that I do not approve of the wood grain. Although, if you want to fill in your own rating be my guest.


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