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How To Fix Wooden Planks

Hello there ROBLOX admins, WoodReviewer here, today I have a special post on not what people can do to improve wood grain on ROBLOX, but what ROBLOX could do to improve wood grain. Now, just as a disclaimer I do not know exactly how ROBLOX works with textures, so all my suggestions may not be 100% practical, but the general idea can help improve wood grain.

My first suggestion: Fix the size of wooden planks. Well, what does this mean? Remember my wooden planks and why they suck, I mention how they can have this thin sliver that can occur.

More slivers

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Wooden Planks-Why They Suck

Hello admirers of wooden planks, WoodReviewer here, today I am finishing my long overdue look at wooden planks. But this post is not how to use the wooden plank texture, nor is it on how to make them better. This post is on how the wooden plan texture is broken in some scenarios. So, lets begin at the basics.

Different Appearance Than Wood

This is so simple it is surprising. Simply put, wooden planks have a much different color and appearance than regular wood. Just look.

Wood vs Planks.png

The wooden planks has much more contrast; the darker parts of the grain is much darker, while the lighter part is much lighter. In addition, the individual wood rings. What does this mean? In builds it is much harder to have some parts be regular wood and other parts be wooden planks. So if you’re making a deck, for example, you expect the supports and decking to appear similar, but if you use wooden planks for the decking and wood for the supports, this will not be the case.

Wooden Planks Make Bad Supports

Remember this image from my previous blog?

Pole correct

Remember, in my previous post I said wooden planks should be able to be recreated with regular wood and this is the result: three pieces of wood stacked on top of each other.

Plank vs wood support.png

For those unaware, stacking wood on top of other planks is not stable, and as a result this is generally a bad way to make supports. This is why it is important for wooden planks and wood to have similar textures, so wood can be used as supports without looking too different.

Wooden Planks Have Odd Lines

Look at these two pieces of wooden planks. They are the same size; in fact, the one on the right was a duplicate of the one on the left. But notice how the one on the right has a thin sliver of a plank on the left side? That is an issue.

2 Slivers.png

Ever since I have started reviewing wood, people have said that is an issue I should address, but quite frankly I can’t; there is no way to fix it. Yes, you could copy the brick hundreds of times until RNG decided to give you one without the sliver, the texture does not get saved, so when you reload the place the texture could shift and you could have a worse sliver, no sliver, or a sliver on both sides. Here are the same bricks; notice how now the one on the left has a sliver.

More slivers.png

This can be hard to see on only two bricks, so here are more.

Multiple Slivers 1.png

After I save and reload, notice how some bricks have slivers while others don’t.

Multiple Slivers 2.png

Larger Blocks Are Odd

Remember how I stated that wooden planks should have the lines on the end wrap around from the top to the bottom, like so?

Planks Vertical End.png

That really only works when the planks are less than a stud or so thick. Take this brick that is 3 studs thick as an example.

Large 3.png

When you try and recreate it with bricks to get the end and top correct, now the sides are incorrect.

Large 4.png

There is no real way to fix this outside out having a dedicated end texture that had a grid of wood, like this. But as of now, with ROBLOX’s current system, brick that are 2 or more studs thick really don’t need to follow the rule about end texture connecting the top/bottom; only bricks less than 2 studs should.

Large 2.png

However, that fix is not perfect for things like crates of chests. Ultimately, this is the only issue that has no true fix on ROBLOX.

Cylinders Look Terrible

Not only do they have the same issue with bricks of stacking wooden beams on top op each other, but the line that is used to separate the planks looks out of place. I’d advise against using them.


Nails Make No Sense

For this problem you need to understand how building works, mainly nails. You see, when you nail something into a board the expected result is that on the other side of the board there should be something for the nail to attached to. On ROBLOX, the plank texture only does this where planks connect. Take these boards, for example.

Regular Board.png

According to ROBLOX’s wooden plank texture, there should be nails on each side where the boards connect. As a result, there should be boards underneath these connects to hold the nails. As a result, this is what the board layout should look like, with an added two boards on the side for symmetry.

Regular Board with board.png

Here is an equally sized area of wooden planks.


So lets say I want to be a good builder and put a board under all the nails. I end up with something that looks like this.

Nails with boards.png

Yeah… that does not look like fun.Not only are the gaps inconsistent, but there are far too many boards to even be able to use this on a practical scale. But that is not the problem. This entire exercise is pointless. Why? Remember how I said the texture on wooden planks shifts if you reload a game or a place in studio?

Nails Reload.png

Now you need more supports, further increasing the part count, along with having a bunch of necessary boards that server no purpose. It just isn’t worth it.


If you are reading this and want to know how to fix it, the simple fact is you can’t (unless you use a custom wooden plank texture you upload yourself). All the issues I’ve listed cause improper wood grain, yet they are all ROBLOX’s fault. So, what can you do? Annoy ROBLOX. Tomorrow I will have a post on how ROBLOX can fix wooden plank texture so it can allow builders to make better builds.

Wooden Planks-The Basics

Hello confused wood makers, WoodReviewer here. As I’ve stated before, I like to outline what I look for in wood grain and, as far as regular wood goes, I feel I’ve done that with several posts on how wood grain works. But there is one area that I have not done a post on: Wooden Planks. You see, unlike regular wood grain, proper use of wooden planks is more difficult. There is not one set of rules you can apply for most uses, and there are exceptions at times. But I’m getting ahead of myself; lets start off at the beginning.

Wooden planks are, basically, sheets of wood boards laid next to each other. This is what a sheet of wooden planks looks like.

Wooden Planks Sheet.png

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Sooner Rather than Later

Hello procrastinators, WoodReviewer here, and today I have a different type of blog post for you. First off, this is not a review of any place or model. Secondly, the main purpose of this blog is not how to make games with proper wood grain, but when to make add proper wood grain.

When? Yes, when. You see, in many games with bad wood grain that claim to be in the alpha/beta stages of development say “we’re in alpha/beta, the wood grain will be fixed eventually.” That is true; wood grain can be fixed when a game is ready to be released, but it shouldn’t be. If you don’t care for my opinion then you can close this page and fix wood grain however you want, but if you want some building tips on how to fix wood grain quickly without slowing down how long it takes to build maps, stick around for a while.

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10 Planks of the Reviewer Manifesto

Hello Comrades, WoodReviewer here, today I have an unusual blog post. For those of who are unaware, recently a large amount of reviewer accounts have popped up and have started to review things, such as followers, metal, and CSG unions. Since I am atleast partially responsible for this, I’ve decided to put together a little guide for the new reviewers on how to be a good reviewer. Also, it may give others some insight into how I work since it is a general guide for how I’ve been working for the past few months.

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Wood Fix It-Wood Grain Fixing Plugin

Psst. Looking for an easy fix? A nice simple way to press a button and have all your troubles go away? Something that is too good to be true? Well, WoodReviewer here, and I’m here to tell you why there is no such thing as a simple plugin to fix wood grain.

As of posting this, there is only one wood grain fixer plugin, Fix Wood Grain Direction by DataBrain. This post is not to rag on the plugin; it could also be called “Exceptions to the normal rules of wood grain.” It SHOULD be called that, however people keep asking me about this plugin, other keep recommending it, and while it is good, it is not perfect. So, lets start down the list of why it is not perfect.

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Why Does is Matter?

Hello there kind people, WoodReviewer here, and it is time to elaborate on wood grain. Now, I already explained what I look for in terms of wood grain, but never why. So now I am

Cuts of Wood

Just a disclaimer, I am not a carpenter. I am not a lumberjack. I don’t know the specifics behind how wood is cut and milled, but I just read a Wikipedia article on it so I know enough. Now, lets start with the basics. For trees, the wood grain goes vertical. It looks like this.

Basic Tree.png

There should be rings on the top/bottom, but ROBLOX doesn’t have that.

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What Do I Want?

Perfect wood grain!

When do I want it?

When it is convenient. I’ve already waited for 5 years.

What do I look for?

Wood grain. Duh. I’d hope you’d have guessed that by now. What do I mean by that? Well, wood grain should always go the long. Look at the following pieces of wood. Wood Length.png

The top piece is proper. The wood grain goes left to right, following the longest length of wood. On the bottom the wood grain goes up to down, following the shorter length. However, it is not just that. All 4 sides of the main length should follow that pattern. Look at the following image

Wood Length 2.png

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Hello, World

About This Site

Hi. I’m Wood Reviewer, better know to my friends as “I don’t care, go away.”

For those of you unfamiliar with me, I play a game called ROBLOX. ROBLOX is a mix between a game engine and publishing platform, which contains many small games on it. These games are developed by developers, most of which genuinely care about their work, and others who make Garry’s Mod game mode clones. ROBLOX lacks many of the more advanced features of other game engines, such as Source and Unity, so developers are limited. In addition, a majority of the games are made up of blocks, or bricks, since the game originated as a Lego-like building games.  One thing it does have, however, is wooden textures for the blocks.

This is where I come in. The wood textures on ROBLOX are stupid; they naturally appear on bricks one way no mater how the brick is placed or rotated. This causes issues where the wood grain appears to be sideways, so instead of a 2×4 having the grain go with the wood, it goes against it.


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